Life In Motion

I love taking pictures as often as I can of our daily going’s on. My interest in photography is budding to say the least. I hope that you enjoy what it is I’m snapping away at for the moment.

Life In Motion

“While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see.” ~Dorothea Lange

October 10, 2011

Jerry enjoying the fall weather.

Bound and determined

Which rock do I put in my pocket FIRST?!

My little mall walker…

Talking to trees

So big 🙂

October 11, 2011
A few miles up Kittys Corner Road sits an old, dilapidated and abandoned home. The home is quite a bit off of, but still visible from the road. Me thinks it would take really nice pictures up close, but since this sits in my way…

…upside-down as it may be, for now I’m stuck at a distance. Until I get brave enough to venture further it seems.

Over there, yonder…



I’m not sure why I’m adding this one on here. I think it is because it is one of my favorite pictures. I feel like, in some ways, it conveys the feeling and energy of the day.  Rob was elated to visit the historical home of his greatest hero – George Washington. And since he was excited, he wanted to take in as much as he could. And he did, he literally read every posted sign with information on it. So like I said, I feel like this picture captures the whirlwind of the day. Me falling behind, while trying to keep up with Rob. Maybe you’ll agree, or think I’m crazy. Which, in your defense, I am.

Mount Vernon, Virginia 7/24/2010


December 14, 2011

I haven’t gotten to add as much stuff to my page as I would like to. It isn’t for lack of taking pictures whenever I get the chance. But a few weeks back, I was able to take my actual camera outside with me and get some shots of Jerry enjoying himself. He loves to be outside, and would happily spend lots of time just wandering around the yard looking at everything. He also enjoys going into our shed and sitting on the lawn mower. This past summer, Jerry was able to ride with Rob while he cut the grass, and his since fallen in love with the lawn mower. The shed makes for an interesting and great place for my little guy to burn off some energy and enjoy some time being outside.

Now, if it only weren’t 50 degrees or colder outside these days, then we would be in business…

Wearing “Jerry’s Ears.”

Is it wrong of me to say how absolutely beautiful my son is?? That he is the most beautiful little person in the entire world??

When we were working on our house, we discovered SO many old bottles, of different shapes and sizes. And they were everywhere. In the sheds, in the rooms, under the house…wait, what?


December 14, 2011



I know that I am a wee bit late with these, but the saying is true – better late then never. I did happen to find a moment to get my camera out during the Christmas season. Not as much as I would have liked, but at least it was something.




Yea, see…this is cute to me. Sorry.



Spring is here. The children are clamoring to go outside. Mommys are trying to find a second to sit down. Pollen is making everyone miserable. Oh, but there is sunshine. There WILL BE sunshine, dang it.

My little girl loves being outside!

Him…right there.

Daddy/Jerry time also = tractor time!!





I haven’t worked on this page in quite some time, which is a shame. It isn’t like I have stopped taking pictures, every chance that I get.  Forgive me. This has been a busy summer, in some not so great ways, but in some stinking awesome ways. All that matters is that the littles are doing great and are growing like a weed.

First pony ride!!




Busy girl!


Anniversary dinner!




The real Rocky of Philadelphia.




Hoping your summer has been fantastic!




I’m not sure why I ever took this page down!!


P1110875_2Let me start with the obvious. We have a new family member since I have last posted!!! Her name is Eleanor, known affectionately to us as Ellie. We love her so.

I promise, I will use this more.




photo 1-3







I’ll be back more. I promise!



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