Choosing a Christmas Tree in 100 Easy Steps

Freshly pressed from last year. Merry Christmas!

This Heart...

I know that it’s possible to be the most disorganized parent in attendance at a lot of things.

The most disorganized room mom? Yes. The most disorganized t-ball coach? Yep. The most disorganized play-group mom? The most disorganized parents in your child’s cub scout den? The most disorganized parents at Chick Fil A?? All a yes.

But being the most disorganized parents at the local Christmas tree farm?

That takes a lot of hard work and sheer dedication. I’m not sure you all can keep up….

Every year, my family intends to get our Christmas’ing done early. Which is hilarious, because every year, we’re still wrapping presents at midnight on the 23rd, trying not to scotch tape each other’s mouth shut from all the stress.

Anyway, so Christmas stuff.

We aren’t the type to go all out on celebratory stuff, but we do have a few traditions we take…

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