Things I Missed in “Home Alone.”

Here are some things you might have missed in the movie Home Alone!

This Heart...

You all know the drill.

Little Kevin McCallister is left home alone by his parents as they sojourn to Paris (like ya do) for the Christmas holiday.

At first Kevin enjoys his freedom from his jerky acrimonious family, until two bandits set their sites on pillaging the family home, thinking everyone is out of town. Kevin resorts to his wits and matchbox cars to protect his home from two bumbling thieves. Uproarious good times ensue. 


Have you WATCHED this movie recently, parents?? Have you done so with children in the room with you? I did just this past weekend and was almost no good. 

Here are a “few” things I missed about Home Alone before now: 

How absurdly wealthy Kevin’s family must be. Seriously, the film opens on a home in a beautiful, upscale suburb of Chicago. This house is, like, 3,000+ square feet and possibly made out of gold…

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