5 Ways I Wish My Life Was Like Downton Abbey

Laying in bed with coffee sounds lovely. Also, unlikely. Oh well. Here’s to the weekend!

This Heart...

It’s my favorite sudsy British soap to watch.

Actually, it’s the only one I watch. It isn’t my fault that I’m not as cultured as I could be – I have three children and house that hasn’t been clean for nearly six years. 

I feel like I should start off by confessing that I was guilty of calling it “DownTOWN” Abbey before I actually started watching. What a classless yank I was. 

Watching Downton causes me to covet all sorts of things. A simpler time. Taking leisurely strolls. Intricate hair braids and gowns with impeccable beadwork. Routine alcohol consumption throughout the day that is not only normal behavior, but expected.

Still, I do appreciate not having to wear a corset everyday ever, and having indoor air conditioning. 

As the fan favorite and critical darling British soap prepares to air its final episodes in the states, I figured I would give it a proper, middle-class…

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