Dear My Children: He’s always loved you

Sharing this one from about six months ago. 🙂

This Heart...

To my children:

I get the appeal of mom. 

I mean, really, who can’t? Someone to comfort you when you’re upset because your scoop of ice cream fell off your cone, or because you smacked your head on the side of the dining room table while you were trying to reach down and pick up your crayons?

Someone who makes chicken alfredo just the way you like it? Someone who pretty much does exactly what you need her to do exactly when you need it? Winning.

There are no boundaries with mom.

You can come find her wherever she might be. Whether she is out in the kitchen making dinner, or in the bathroom, trying to catch a shower. There is nothing wrong with her having an audience during even her most private times, right?

You can talk to her pretty much anytime, too. Whether you sneak up to her side…

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