THIS is Halloween

Want to hear a scary story?

We were carving pumpkins the other night. We were all having a great time. But then we had a mess and hyper children with sticky fingers crawling underneath of the dining room table. The scary part?

They were up past 10. 

Fear takes on a new meaning when you’re a parent. As does relaxation. As does fun. As does what it means to feel old. And believe me, it doesn’t take much.

My sis in law were just talking about this last night. How holidays like this aren’t always fun because they only serve to make us feel…old. Who wants to be reminded that you’re old and have, like, lots of responsibilities even more than you already are because you spend your Friday nights paying bills and giving the cat medicine.

But I reminded her of something. 

We AREN’T old. It’s just that fun holidays like Halloween, and New Years Eve or that neighborhood Fourth of July BBQ look different when you have children. 

Everything is all fun and games.

But then you have to be home to put the kids in bed, but that’s kind of okay because you’re also super exhausted from hauling the children around with you everywhere, or from even thinking about the fact that you’re going to have to be up with them tomorrow morning. Plus you really want to just sit down and eat some graham crackers while not wearing any pants with Netflix on in the background, and you shutter at what your life has come to. You finally get your children in bed and they take, like, three glow sticks with them because you just don’t care, you just hope they don’t break them open and try to eat them.

But here is the worst part:

You inevitably get a second wind.

Your body wakes you back up because, HEY, THE KIDS ARE IN BED!!!! Look alive!!! Then you start remembering that hey, wait a second, Halloween is a fun holiday and it’s past 9…so you know there is fun stuff going on Like parties or bobbing for apples and candy corn and face painting.

Only now, it doesn’t matter because oh snap, you can’t leave your property because sleeping children, and you can’t call any of your adulting friends who are parents because they have the exact same issue. And the ones that don’t have children have absolutely no desire to come over and watch you drink some Mike’s Hard while you watch Hocus Pocus and eat your children’s Halloween candy.

They want to be out amongst other fun having adults at the local bar or pub.

And if you do decide to stay up late to watch a movie, (only not that scary one because you and your other half cannot bring yourselves to order The Conjuring on Amazon because that movie looks like no joke) you count the cost of staying up until after 12.

So you stay up late anyway watching What Lies Beneath, eating the pasta salad you made for the party you were at earlier and fighting off sleep on the couch. Only, just kidding, you send up a prayer that tomorrow isn’t too painful with the end of Daylight Savings Time.

This is what adulting looks like on a fun holiday, people. YOU turn into the pumpkin and land right smack in the middle of reality.  And you are more acutely aware of Daylight Savings Time and the affects of swallowing glow stick goo than any person alive.

But at least you have some really good candy. 

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