Having babies is a big deal, whether it’s your first baby or your fourth….

Happy weekend, everyone!

This Heart...

I remember giving birth to Clara.

I remember all of the jolly, relaxed nurses bustling in and out of my hospital room, dutifully checking my blood pressure while informing me of what would happen before, during and after surgery. Then I signed my life away on sheet upon sheet of paper, fully informing me of allllll the risks I was about to undertake.

It’s funny that for as nonchalant as everyone seemed about the entire thing, it certainly does require a lot of paperwork and multiple medical professionals to tell someone how grave and serious having a c-section is and all of the risks that come with anesthesia and the possibilities for infection, bleeding and so on.

The nurses smiled while they handed the forms to me, their demeanor and smile casual while the thickness of the paper suggested something much more dire.

Once they would get through their litany of instructions and information…

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