My children ruined me

From last week! I will be signing off for the weekend. I hope everyone has a good one. Thanks for all the viewership this week and for your comments 🙂

This Heart...

“What would I be doing if I wasn’t doing this?”

The age-old question that we mothers ask ourselves, even though we would probably never admit to doing so. And the more elaborate the vision, the bigger the guilt you feel at even asking yourself that question.

Like, when you know the paint color you’d use for the walls in the small bungalow house you’d own down the street from the coffee shop you’d frequent wearing the cute, new boots you just treated yourself to? When you know that many details about the kind of life that you would want to lead? 

That’s the stuff that brews trouble.

Yea, it’s that kind of stuff that makes a mom feel guilty for even harmlessly dreaming of something else when she is wearing the same shirt as yesterday, and her greasy bangs keep brushing annoyingly against her forehead while she cleans old spaghetti noodles…

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