When No One Sees You

Dear tired, exhausted, empty moms….

It counts.

This Heart...

It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The back on the worn out, irritable, frustrated and spent camel. And it really wasn’t a camel, it was a mom. It had been a long week that had come after another long week. It had been everything, not just one thing in particular.

There was the was the worn out mom, pulling into the parking lot at the gym. Busy, talkative and needy children buzzed in the back of the van. Who kept needing the mom, the mom who really only needed and desired some rest.

She circled the parking lot, looking for a spot close to the building so that she wouldn’t have to carry the children, the bags and hold hands or fret any further than she needed to. The unseasonably cold weather was also a strong incentive to find a great spot, as leaves whipped around in the…

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