It Snowed…

...quite a bit less than I think that people were expecting.

I was crossing my fingers and toes for the husband, hoping that he’d get the day off. His work did give their employees a delayed opening, so he at least didn’t have to shovel the snow in the cover of total darkness in order to make it to work on time. I was able to send him off on a good note. At least, I hope it was a good note.

Do you know what makes me so nervous about the snow? 

Something about an impending snow storm gets me all fidgety. I worry about what I may need from the grocery store. Yes, I am one of those people- I make a mad dash for toilet paper, milk and bread. I survey the cupboards, taking stock of what we have. It’s a big deal.

But it’s more than that. 

I got back home after a trip to town yesterday, and I was worried yet again about what we might need. Because there should be no greater motivation than eight inches of snow to make sure you’re prepared for the end of days, right? While sitting in my car, it finally clicked what bothered me. 

I think I’m actually more worried about having my access to everything being cut off than I am about having enough eggs to last me through the storm. Sure, we need the staples to ride it all out for a few days, but it already feels like my life is divided by trips to the grocery store.

I know that three or four days have passed when I’m standing in yet another check out line, fighting with my inner voice to not purchase a Milky Way. It comes as no great shock to me that I would need to get the essentials on a Monday. Because at any point during the week, I probably need something. 

But…what would happen in a world where Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts were not readily available at any given time? What would happen if I couldn’t just decide to randomly go see a movie or check out a book from the library?? What if I couldn’t go and get the oil changed in the car or get a tattoo cus I feel like it???

That is what actually scares me.

I never, EVER crave Taco Bell. But if you’re telling me that tomorrow, for three days straight, I can’t on a whim drive to Taco Bell and order a greasy Chalupa and cinnamon twists, then we may have a problem. You’re telling me that for the rest of the week, I won’t be able to get powdered donuts from Walgreens? 

It sounds like madness to me. 

I’m sincerely disappointed in myself over my #firstworldproblems

This is the sadness of the life that I lead. This is why I was up until after midnight, stuffing powdered donuts bought at Walgreens into my mouth, watching the saga of “The Good Wife.” 

On a side note, my children are sick. The baby has RSV and an ear infection. Her older sister doesn’t sound much better. I’m giving the baby nebulizer treatments, which is such fun. *She’s very relaxed and cooperative about me putting a mask that covers 90% of her face on her every few hours.

*That’s a lie.

My oldest seems to be doing alright. He had a touch of a stomach bug at the end of last week and his since not been able to fully get rid of the occasional nausea. But I think he’s excited about the snow. AND he lost his fourth tooth last night. I don’t quite know how it happened. How we are already to the kids-losing-teeth stage of life? We are.

The sun is out. The snow will melt. The kids will play in it. We will make cookies. And hopefully, this week will pass and we will all be better. 



Now I want Taco Bell. 


One thought on “It Snowed…

  1. andthreetogo says:

    Oh man! I hope everyone is feeling better. Your attitude is amazing for having sick kiddos! Also, I hope the snow wasn’t too bad. I don’t keep up on the weather in the US too much, but I had heard it was going to be pretty bad in some areas.


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