2015: Now with 100% more poop

I was told that this^^ would make a great blog post title.

I happen to agree. 

Everybody’s doing the resolution thing at the moment. And I think it’s great. No, really. Why not start trying to do better things with your life? And why not use a new year as a jumping off point for those endeavors? 

…like vowing to hit the gym. Or quitting smoking. Or vowing to close the door at least 35% more than you do now when going to the bathroom in front of your significant other. 

Baby steps, people. Baby steps. 

Why more poop? 


For one thing, I have a whole ‘nother person living here. So there is officially poop coming out of my eyes. Really, what was I thinking? 

What makes 2015 special? 

I dunno. Maybe it’s because I’m going to turn 30? And mayhaps the smallest part of me wants to do it on my own terms. 

I want you to always be uplifted when you leave here. You’ll surely be confused, sometimes amused. But I truly do want you to leave here feeling uplifted. I also want you to feel like I’m being truthful. Not that I have ever lied to you all. 

And while my heart churns with lots of stuff to write, I hold back at times. And that simply won’t do. 

We don’t get through pretending it’s all easy or by only talking about the greatest stuff. We are most compelling when we feel free to be honest. 

So for now, my floors are dirty, my laundry overflowing, my hair unwashed and I’m up to my eyes in poop and worn out by kids who won’t sit still. 

But I’m kind of okay with all that. At least for now. At this moment. This particular moment in time. Cus they’re sleeping. But they’ll be up and churning soon enough. 

And then I’ll be thinking of more things to write about. 


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