That time the kids were playing nicely…

….so mommy decided that this would be a great time to upload a blog post.

Actually, I’m sure that while I think that they are downstairs playing nicely together, there is most likely a score of new messes to clean, they’re drawing on the dog or there’s a pterodactyl flying around the dining room.

But we aren’t going to talk about that, and I’m not going to ask until I’m through.

I decided to upload some photos today. I’m working on putting myself out there and trying my hand at photography. I know I am nowhere near a professional, I have miles to go. I am friends with folks who are far more talented at this than I. But until I sit down and make myself take pictures and put them out there, then I’m not going to get any better.

What does this mean for you? You will probably be subjected to scores of photos, an only a fraction of them will be worth looking at. You’re welcome.

The sunlight in the autumn is incredible. There is something about it that makes it much more golden and seemingly warm. Then you open your door and step outside and feel that rush of 45 degree weather hit you and you maybe start to rethink that walk around the neighborhood.

I shouldn’t complain, today was much warmer than the past several have been. We had an early cold snap move through, and it was awful. I came outside to find an icicle hanging from my roof. A big one. Unacceptable for mid November.

Anyway, the sunshine. It floods across my front porch and through the front door in the late afternoon. About the time my sun is setting these days is when I welcome my son off of the school bus.

I decided to take advantage.












Have a great day!!!


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