It’s been a while.

It hardly feels that way.

Where to begin.

Well, for starters, my hubby and I welcomed our newest little one into the world on September 30th. Miss Eleanor Catherine. Ellie. Sweet, sweet Ellie.

Here, let me show you…


…not that any of you required proof or anything. It’s just that I’m tickled to show her off.

My brain and heart have been everywhere the last week and a half. There is so much to write about, so much to say. But for now, I can at least say that my sweet girl is healthy and beautiful. And for better, and sometimes for worse, my family is transitioning into becoming a family of 5 in relatively smooth fashion.

And for better or for worse, when I have felt thisclose to the bottom just dropping out and wanting to give up, I am subtly reminded that I am held by an amazing God.

It’s taken the kiddos some getting used to. Mommy has been spending the last nine days recovering, five of which were spent away from home in the hospital. So, as you can imagine, there have been some things that have made it hard for them to acclimate to our new family.

But they are so thrilled about their sister, and they love her so. And it has been such a joy to see them love her and love on her and cherish her.

My husband…I don’t even know where to begin. There just aren’t enough words to fully describe how amazingly supportive and loving he has been through all of this. Somehow, recovering from major surgery and dealing with breastfeeding issues over the past week and a half paled in comparison to the joy of spending four and a half days with him in a cramped hospital room. Laughing with each other. Enjoying our daughter. Making him take the quiz out of the back of a Cosmo magazine. Making him buy me food from the vending machine.

How that ended up being filled with so much joy, I will never understand. And I will never comprehend how people manage to become more and more incredible the longer that you know them. Every time that I think I have it figured out, I’m shocked to learn that I know nothing.

Last week was rough.

But we did it. We made it home. We’re making it through.

Through late night feedings. Through meltdowns from our older children. Through a house that seems to explode every day by about 3 p.m. Through heading back to work. Through everything.

We are making it. 

And that is something that I need to constantly remind myself of. We are making it through the hazing process of the first few weeks at home with a newborn. I’m making it through recovery, if only inch by uncomfortable and painful inch. I’m making it through these nursing hurdles. Rob and I are making it through sleep deprivation and mental vegetation.

Ever so slightly, it’s being done.

Like I said, there is so much to write about and say, but I don’t think I have the capacity for it yet.

For now, enjoy a few more pictures of my sweet girl. Well, even if you aren’t going to enjoy them, I will.

Happy Thursday.





7 thoughts on “9/30

  1. Alma Mater says:

    Wow, congratulations to all of you! What a beautiful, sweet little girl! And what a lovely time you have had with your husband. May God bless your marriage and your growing family more and more every day.


  2. sfkeefer says:

    Congrats!! I had our second son on September 12th, so I feel you on the nursing hurdles. Man, breasfeeding can be a bit rough those first few weeks. :/ She is beautiful! I pray you recover quickly and thoroughly, congratulations again!


  3. Becca Barringer Webb says:

    CRAZY! Both of the girls from my wedding (you and Tom’s brother’s wife, Jody) within two weeks had beautiful 3rd baby girls!!!!! :} Congratulations…and what a beautiful name! I LOVE it! 😀 Can’t wait to meet her…


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