Super fast quick update on stuff

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow is our appointment at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore; our initial consultation with their obstetrics team up there. 

I’m a little excited. I have heard wonderful things about the Fetal Medicine team up there, and my OB thinks very highly of the lead OB physician there – which is good enough for me, since I think pretty highly of my OB here on the shore. 

I’m not sure what we will be discussing tomorrow. They’re probably going to be way more chill about it than I am, but that’s okay. Ideally, what they’ll tell me is that it’s absolutely possible to VBAC, that they are more than equipped to help moms VBAC, that they are more than equipped for any medical emergency and that they will give me a fighting chance to deliver the way that I want to. Here is hoping, right?!

I had a phone consultation with a nurse today so that she could gather my medical history. It saved me from having to take TWO trips to Baltimore in two days time. She was awesome. And the questions for those things are always fun, even though it’s my third time in. 

“Have you ever done any street or recreational drugs?”  “Well, could you define recreational for me….”

“Are you and your husband in a mutually monogamous relationship?” “We certainly had better be!”

“Do you get the chance to nap at all or rest during the day? “I’m sorry, what?”

“Have you been using tobacco or drinking alcohol since your last period?” “Only on the days that I don’t get a nap.”


I know that they have to ask this kind of stuff, and thankfully, for me, I am fortunate enough that we breeze right through the medical history and all of the fun prior sex-life questions because I am as boring as a piece of white toast when it comes to that kind of stuff. I fell asleep on my couch after 2 Smirnoff Ice’s for my 21st birthday. Wearing a Burger King crown. This is a true story.


Told you so….

Betcha didn’t think you’d see anything like that when you agreed to read this post, huh?

So anyway, cross your fingers and your toes that tomorrow goes great. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant, so we are definitely getting close. I know this not just because of the calendar but because all of my joints tell me so. Ouch ouch ouch. Sore knee, back and hips. I also know this because I’m dead tired every day but then I get in bed at night and can’t sleep without waking up 34 times within seven hours. Because that’s how we preggo’s do. 

Have a great Wednesday, everyone! 


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