Power to the Showerless

Three Boys and a Mom

You guys! Today was day 6 of no shower.


That’s too long folks. My hair has been in the same pony tail all week long, I’ve only changed my t-shirt maybe twice at home and have only worn real clothes a few times and that was for church, the zoo and a grocery run. Dry shampoo, deodorant and perfume can only carry a person so far, and I think day 6 is the limit. I’ve taken several PTA baths (pits, tits and @$$) but even that starts to not work anymore after so many days.

Here’s the thing. This is not unusual for me these days. It’s consistently 3-5 days in between each shower. It’s just a reality of life right now. Actually this has been the reality probably since my twins were born over 2 years ago. (I was better about showering when I worked throughout my second pregnancy…

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