There is no such thing as a “post-baby body”

Happy Sunday! Live from the inside-out.

This Heart...

I know, I know – two posts within one week about pregnancy. I can’t help myself, it’s what’s on my heart. 

It’s time. It’s time for mothers to reconcile themselves to their bodies. 

How much more fulfilled would we be if we knew down to our bones that we were worth more than the sum of our outsides, more than these frail bodies? How many tears wouldn’t be wasted from being shed into pillows at night? How many sighs would not go up from discontent women when they looked in the mirror? What would happen if we felt at home in our own skin no matter what happened to us throughout our lives? Puberty. Babies. Menopause. PMS. Aging. All of it. Any of it – what if it didn’t really matter to us all that much?

Can you even begin to imagine a world where women aren’t bombarded with hundreds…

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