Some quiet, food for thought on your Sunday

Why you might not look like Maria Kang.

Most of you probably heard about her when she first gained notoriety in the media. Maria Kang. The gorgeous, ripped mom of three small children. Her motivational poster blaring the words “What’s your excuse?” beside a picture of her, looking as ripped and gorgeous as all get out, and her three small children.

If she has time for the gym, why don’t you?

If she can look like that, then why don’t you?

If she has the energy to tackle children and the gym, then why don’t you?


While I will be the first person to give Maria props because, come on, she looks absolutely insane and it takes hefty amounts of discipline, time and energy to get to where she is, there is a whole other way that I see it. Seeing her looking like that actually served to de-motivate me somewhat at first.

I would love to wake up at 6 a.m. in the morning, make it to the gym and back in time to greet the kiddos when they wake up and make myself a bowl of steel-cut, rolled oats for breakfast. I would love to have the energy to fight with two small children, make sure their shoes match and their teeth are brushed and then manage to get them into the car and to the child-watch center at the gym. I would love to be in a place in my life where THAT was one of my top goals every day.

But the truth is?

You and me? We might not look like Maria Kang if it’s just not our priority right now. 

No need to make lengthy excuses about bum knees or bad ankles or arthritis. No need to run down your daily schedule in your head to justify why you don’t make it to the gym. None of that is necessary.

I’m currently incubating baby number three. I stopped visiting the gym regularly about 8 weeks ago. I ran out of what energy I had left and it became ridiculous to think about shoving my children in the car to visit the rowing machine three times a week. I also started visiting the bathroom 543 times a night around then. My hips also started to ache and hurt around then. And if I visited an airport right now, they’d charge me fees for the extra bags underneath of my eyes.


But even before being pregnant, hitting the gym hardcore, revamping my diet…it just wasn’t a priority. It wasn’t one of the things that I had enough energy to shift my focus toward. This doesn’t mean that I was always happy with how I looked. It doesn’t mean that things didn’t stop fitting. It doesn’t mean that there weren’t some consequences from choosing where I placed my energies.

It just means that sometimes, a ‘yes’ somewhere is a no somewhere else. Sometimes, we have to be extra careful and wise about where those “yes'” go. This season of life? I have quite a bit that I must do, that I must say “yes” to. Someday, hopefully soon, that will change. There will be an abundance of other things that I can say “yep” to. Just not right now. Because, something always has to give. And seasons come, and seasons go. This will change.

I have big plans once baby number three is out. I won’t call it a plan to diet, or a workout overhaul. It will be a time to refresh. And hopefully, if all goes according to plan, it will be a time to do some things for myself. To take some time for myself and to do something good for myself. Fitness isn’t about looking good, it should be about being healthy. And hopefully, when the time is right (or as close to it as it will ever get with children in tow) I’m going to have the time and means to focus on the things that I have been putting off for a time. Looking at it this way helps me look forward to when the season arrives.

But, you. If Maria’s message hits you. If you know deep down that it’s time that you did this for yourself, then just think about it. Think about getting back into the fitness saddle and making some changes for yourself. Things like that never hurt. Unless, you know, it does those first few times you visit the gym. I can’t say that won’t hurt.


Happy Sunday, everyone!



12 thoughts on “Some quiet, food for thought on your Sunday

  1. healthyforhealth says:

    Great take on nutrition and the media! Thanks for educating realistically about body health and image! I have a similar blog, so come check mine out when you get the chance! Look forward to more posts


  2. Less to More says:

    I like what you said here … “It just means that sometimes, a ‘yes’ somewhere is a no somewhere else. Sometimes, we have to be extra careful and wise about where those “yes’” go.” We can’t do it all, and even if we did, we won’t do everything excellently. Better to have a few goals and do them well.


  3. Melissande says:

    “And if I visited an airport right now, they’d charge me fees for the extra bags underneath of my eyes.” Ha! This made me laugh!

    I agree. A yes somewhere *does* mean a no somewhere else. I definitely need to be finding more time for working out.

    I really enjoyed this post! It was funny and oh so true.


  4. Lauren says:

    I am with you here, I think it is all about priorities. I didnt lose all the baby weight until I was ready to add that into my list of daily must-do’s. Congrats on baby #3!


  5. mamabyfire says:

    I like your phrase “a time to refresh.” I’m going to grasp this as well. It takes the pressure off of losing weight as fast as possible and will help me focus more on my whole self.


    • ashleylecompte says:

      I have to think that someone who is trying to better themselves and their health, and who is doing it for themselves will have a much better success rate, rather than just doing it to lose weight. Sure, I need to lose weight, it’s true, but I need to do it to better myself and my lifestyle and my health more than anything. You can be thin and be unhealthy.

      Good luck with whatever you set your mind to! You can do it!!


  6. melissajane01 says:

    Her picture is motivating. I just try to be healthy and look good for me (and my husband). However, everyone has different priorities. For some it’s a really clean house. Others it may be cooking. It’s hard to do it all. Nice thoughts.


  7. Branson says:

    I am so big on recognizing seasons of life and how priorities change. So important to remember that where we are now is not where we will always be! Although I will never have a season where I look that fit, haha. Great thoughts!!


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