You are a Mother

Throw Back Thursday!

This Heart...

Sometimes, I’m a why-don’t-you-play-over-there-for-five-more-minutes mom. Sometimes, I am a mom who hides in the bathroom with her smart phone, or who stays up way later than she should watching “Friends”reruns while eating cereal, because OMG, everybody else is asleep and the house is quiet and I can lay on the sofa without pants if I wish! I’m sometimes the mom who cries. Cries when she’s overly tired, when she’s overly frustrated, when she’s overly concerned over whether or not she is failing.

Sometimes , I’m the mom who lets the television and Disney Jr. do the talking or who lets the box of macaroni and cheese do the dinnertime thing so that I can just do my own thing. My own thing is standing barefoot in the kitchen, listening to music and doing dishes while eating a pickle.

I’m the mom who gets up in the middle of the night through the…

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