Five Things Friday: Five Reasons I (sometimes) Miss Being A Kid

An oldie, but a goodie. Happy weekend, everyone!

This Heart...

There have been some germs flying around my house as of late. The kids were sick last week, and I picked up the bug this week. Woot <— sarcasm. My husband has been holding out while…wait…this just in…Rob is sick, too. Dang it. I did the mom/nurse thing last week. I checked temps, I doled out meds, I wiped little noses and consoled the babies who woke up snotty at midnight…and again at 2…and yet again at 5. I saw their little “what the heck is going on?!” faces. At those hours even the most energetic of children want to be asleep. And mine were no exception. They were not happy about being up.

Since I’m battling the germs this week, major props to my children for being great by the way, I have realized the “beauty” of one more part of being a grown up. When you’re finally the grown…

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