Five Minute Friday: Release

Five minutes is perfect because sometimes, it’s all you got. But it’s enough.


Do you ever feel like you pass through life feeling kind of like an old house chalked to the brim with …stuff? There is always something that we’re accumulating. Always something that someone is bringing home. Things that always find their way in. Then you find yourself surveying it all one day, wondering just how it got here in the first place. And wondering how to get rid of it.

I feel like I’ve been an old house for a long time in some ways. Always corners full of things that I don’t need, that don’t help me.

Ever feel like God is telling you something so clearly that it’s like rain pounding on a tin roof? Yea, that’s been me lately. This call to let go. Of all sorts of things.

You can’t grasp fully until you let release some things completely.

photo 4-1

You can’t enjoy these long, numerous and tedious days with your children until you learn to let go of the complaining and grasp on to the joys of being a mother. Those dishes, that laundry, these dust bunnies. They aren’t worth fretting over. Easier said than done, sometimes.

photo 3-2


photo 1-1

You can’t enjoy being a wife, you can’t enjoy being a helpmate until you stop seeking to fulfill those needs until only after you have sensed that your own are fulfilled. You can’t stumble through life with a list of expectations. You won’t get far. Expectations are heavy, heavy things.

photo 2-1

You’ll be an old house. Cluttered. Musty. Holding on to things that don’t matter anymore, things that don’t help you get where you need to go.

You can’t live the life that’s full until you learn to empty yourself of the things that you don’t need. Until you give it to God. Until you relinquish your fear, let yourself go with abandonment. That’s when the skies open up. You let go of the junk to fully grasp on to the grace.

The life worth living is the life worth giving away, the life you let yourself release.





I hope you all have a marvelous weekend. I’m off to spend the next five days (!!!) with my family on vacation!! Hoping to be back, writing more next week!


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