How I’m Spending My Son’s Summer Vacation

I have about six seconds to post this before either children interrupt me, or before I stop procrastinating, get in the shower and put on clean pants.

Luckily (or unluckily) for you all, I type incredibly fast AND my blog has spell check. It’s a perfect storm, peopl. (<— just kidding! Did you catch that?)

Jerry’s first official day off for the summer was yesterday (woot!!) I am actually rather excited about this summer. My kiddos seem to have entered a new season in their lives where they are capable of doing more things and actually appreciating it. We aren’t contending with nursing sessions or bottle making or strict nap times or hauling a TON of gear with us where ever we go. It’s been kind of nice. We head off for a 5 day vacation this Saturday, which really means that I shouldn’t be on here blogging because I have things to get in order before we pack it up and hit the road….


So, yesterday. First day of summer break. Went swell, right?

Kind of no.

My daughter either has a nasty cold, or severe allergies. I’m leaning towards the latter because she has no fever and her eyes seem to be watering and her snot (sorry!) is clear. I’m hoping that’s the case. I’m sure that as we were pulling off for vacation we will find out that this isn’t actually the case and that she really does have a virus and then we’ll all arrive in Williamsburg and have simultaneous colds. Clara should be fine by that point, right?

I have all of these…plans for the summer. Swimming. Day-trips. Play-dates. Activities. Steamed crabs <—(that last one is more for me, not the littles.)

Moms making plans: also known as moms having a serious case of delusions of grandeur.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m EXCITED to do these things. Our day yesterday was already derailed by my daughter’s sickness and subsequent irritable mood. I spent part of the afternoon putting swimming goggles on her plush Minnie Mouse doll…and then taking them right back off. This is what entertained her. This is what she insisted that I needed to do for her. Literally. That and not leave her line of sight. Yes, I’m serious. It was Minnie Mouse purgatory. The other part was spent fighting to get her to eat and drink something. The other other part was spent combating my sons numerous requests to play Angry Birds on my cell phone.

But, but, but…all of my well laid plans and….

Yea, we ended up just watching a movie in the late afternoon. Because OH. WELL. Because kids sit still and are calmed by Finding Nemo. This is science we are dealing with, people.

Because when children are involved, namely children still small enough to have their fingers in their noses for stretches that last minutes at a time, then things are going to be what they’re going to be. And I’m praying that I remember that this summer. Things are going to be what they’re going to be.

Today has been much better. We made it to the library. I crossed two (count em, TWO) errands off of my to-do list. And we had french fries. Big victory. And they have both smiled pretty much all day. Mostly.

So, what about you? What are your plans for the summer? Any fun activities that you are hoping to get into with your kiddos? Any fun activities that you’re hoping to do for yourself? Feel free to comment and tell me below.

For now, my time is up and I have been discovered. Back to Minnie Mouse purgatory. Try not to be jealous, people.




2 thoughts on “How I’m Spending My Son’s Summer Vacation

  1. Less to More says:

    I’ve been wanting to put together a summer bucket list because I see all these moms doing it. But I keep procrastinating. Soon it will be August, and that summer bucket list will turn into a back-to-school shopping list. We’re still doing stuff, like park days, library visits, sidewalk chalk, etc. Maybe I don’t really need a list. Less stressful that way. We’re in our 2nd week of summer vacation, and it’s been pretty chill for the most part.


    • ashleylecompte says:

      I know what you mean. I want to have ideas already in mind so that I don’t have to be creative when the day is dragging. BUT, I am not putting too much pressure on myself at all. Just trying to enjoy the summer as it comes. 🙂


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