The one thing you need so that you can let your child push the shopping cart….

Just kidding, don’t ever do it.

Okay, well maybe not never…just maybe wait until they turn 16 or something.

I have one determined little girl on my hands. Barely thirty pounds, she insists that she is totally capable of pushing the shopping cart by herself at the grocery store. Between the two of us, I’m the only one who sees the logic in thinking that if she can’t see over the top of the shopping cart to see what – or more importantly, WHO – she is headed for, then it’s probably a good idea that mommy help her. This, needless to say, seems to be a somewhat futile battle on my part.

She’s conceded for the time being and lets me hold one half of the handle while she holds the other. How sweet of her.



So really, if you get a serious case of stupid the gumption, and decide to give in to your sweet child’s request to push the shopping cart on their own, what you mainly need is just a strong grip. A very strong grip. Like, “I’m trapped in the middle of a tornado storm and to keep from being sucked out of the house I’m hanging on to whatever’s handy because I don’t want to die” strong. So that when she’s headed straight for an Old Spice body wash display wrack, or an unaware little old lady with thick glasses, you can steer clear of disaster just. in. time. You may also need some wine after your shopping excursion depending on its outcome.

If you’re like me and you went into the store for a gallon of milk, a bag of mints and some toilet paper and left with all of this….

ALL of the things...

ALL of the things…

Or if while making an effort to include your little girl on your shopping excursion, you asked her to put the pint of cherry tomatoes you just grabbed into the shopping cart, and she throws it in upside-down, thus effectively killing it and all of your hopes for a salad for lunch then you may need something stronger. You’re gonna need, like, at least a nap to recover. Don’t worry though, if this were an actual emergency, you would have received instructions via the emergency broadcast system. Just put your head in between your knees and breathe deeply.

Then head to the check out line as quickly as possible. 



7 thoughts on “The one thing you need so that you can let your child push the shopping cart….

  1. Less to More says:

    Good tips! I’ve been hit by what I thought was a runaway shopping cart until I saw a little head on the other side. It wasn’t my kid, but before I could get mad at the kid and his parent, I realized that my kids have done the same thing before to an unsuspecting shopper.


  2. threeboysandamom says:

    So funny!!!! My boys are in this phase and when I try to do the strong grip with one hand to help they say, “NO MOM!!!! I push it!!!! No help me!” I try hard to not let them known in helping by like pulling it from the front conspicuously but they’re onto me. They do it with pushing Luke in the stroller too. Its so sweet they wanna help but you’re right, a nap is necessary when it’s all over. The other day we had a full blown meltdown because I put a halt on the shopping cart pushing and put them in the front so that we could finish shopping before the store closed. It was a good time! 😉


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