To the Ones Left Behind

I wrote this last Veteran’s Day, but it is fitting for none the less for Memorial Day. Check it out and share if you wish. Happy Monday, everyone!

This Heart...

I remember crying into a window on an airplane. For five hours I sat by myself, curled uncomfortably on a row of seats, leaning against the small rectangular window, covered with a thin fleece blanket. I stared out, watching the plane’s wings silently glide through the clouds, mind lost in a million thoughts and feelings. I remember occasionally crying into my pillow at night as I fell asleep. I remember tear soaked cheeks, the product of long goodbyes from visits that were all too short.

I remember the words that you have to say because you both know that if you never got to say them and something happened they would rip you in two. Assurances. Honesty.

I remember waiting for a phone call at 2 a.m., where the interference on the other end of the line actually sounded like thousands of miles coming through. What does 5,000 miles sound…

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