Mom’s Speak: Wife/Mom/Chef/Housecleaner/Superhero/Crazy Person

I would LOVE to do a compilation post for Mother’s Day, but I’ll need some help to do that. Read this post, and consider commenting. I’ll put a post up on Mother’s Day. 🙂

This Heart...

Mother’s Day is coming.

You probably knew that already, didn’t you?

I look forward to Mother’s Day. A day where moms out there are showered with affection, groveled at and shown some good old fashion attention for all that they do. It used to be that for Mother’s Day, I wanted allof the things. I wanted the pampering. The extra sleep. The meal out. The house cleaned. You name it, and for Mother’s Day, I would have eagerly taken it.

Times, they are a changing for me.

Mother’s Day is great time for us moms to survey all that we have and to be grateful for where we are in our lives. I’m finding out that holidays, such birthdays and Mother’s Day, aren’t really about me very much, they’re about the people around me.

Cute but sneaky. Cute but sneaky.

The sign of a good Mother’s Day and birthday are now those that I…

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