Jesus is the Giving Tree

Re-blogging this post from a few months back.

This Heart...

I was emptying the dishwasher.

The faucet was steadily filling the sink with hot water. Dirty dishes were all over the counter. My belly sagged and bulged – I had recently given birth. My midsection would never recover. How could it after two c-sections?

My body felt deformed and foreign to me. But that paled in comparison to how emotionally removed from it all I felt. Here I was, now a mother of two. New to staying at home full-time, new to the franticness that each day brought. I thought that by being a stay at home mother the daily tensions would wear off. That I could enjoy my children without the calamity of everyday. That I could just be.

It was all a trick, a romanticized version of what mothering full-time really is like.

So, there I was, barefoot in the kitchen, dough bellied, hair pulled back. Sleep circles…

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