Shhh, Don’t Tell the Kids

My husband and I snuck away for a few days  last week. It was magical.

It’s not fair how time can go so quickly when you’re up to good things.

It slows down when you’re at the DMV. You swear the clock stops when you’re at work on a Friday afternoon. And heaven knows that when your son wants to watch a show on the BBC channel that features giant spiders and centipedes, you will spend the next 28 minutes with the blanket covering your face while the minutes are crawwwwwllllliiiinnnng by (no pun intended there).

But pack up some Poptarts and a swimsuit, and head somewhere with your honey boo for a few days, and that all flies by in the blink of an eye. The painful things are slow. The good stuff is gone too soon.

Not that I am complaining or anything. We were so fortunate to have child care all. three. days. (can I emphasize that awesomeness some more??) that we were gone. I don’t think that the kids cared that we left, actually. They had hot fudge sundaes and did crafts with grandma. They watched movies after dinner. They laughed and played and played and laughed. They had a great few days as well. Perhaps they enjoyed their mini vacation from mommy and daddy? 

Am I the only parent who thinks that children believe that they’re actually taking care of us, and not the other way around? That’s why they fight off sleep – they don’t want to leave us unattended for too long. That’s why they have to push their boundaries and test their parents – to make sure that we’re being consistent. It’s all for our own good. 

If that is truly the case, which I really sometimes suspect it is, Jerry and Clara earned those three days off, let me assure you. 

We called usually once a day to check on them and to see how they were doing. Grandmom would put the phone on speaker and let the kids talk to us. They always ended up getting bored and abruptly leaving the room about midway through our conversation. While we were excited to talk to them, this was a sure sign that things were going great back at home and that we could enjoy ourselves and just be.

Just where did these parents of two find themselves ALONE for three days? The Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia. This was my husband’s suggestion. While we were worried that it would be geared too much towards children, it was actually quite a bit of fun. Indoor water slides and a lazy river were the ticket to relaxation for us. Well, I actually really enjoyed the lazy river, Rob enjoyed the water slides.


We slept in – in fact, we slept through the night – and enjoyed quiet mornings and uninterrupted conversations. Winning!

Turns out I can leave my kids at home, but I can’t turn the mom switch off for very long. On at least one occasion, as I was standing in line somewhere, I ended up with a small child right beside me. I had to fight off the urge to pat their head and pet their hair. I’m just so used to someone, namely one of my someone’s, standing next to me at elbow height. And every time I heard the word “mommy!” or a kid coughing in the distance, I had to check and see what was going on.  Those are both good things, I guess. 

While I was away, I discovered that I’m terrified of water slides that are open on the top. Seriously, does anyone else panic about being the person who is going to slip out over the side and be on some show like, “World’s Worst Theme Park Accidents: 12,” or something? This is the same reason that I don’t ride the elephants at the Renaissance Festival. I’m not going to be the poor Maryland girl who had “no idea that tragedy was about to strike”, filmed for the Fox channel and your viewing pleasure on “When Animals Attack: 7.” 

You all aren’t tricking me. 

So, yea. Weekday getaway. Arrive back home. Then we have had more snow. And then a little bit more snow. Thankfully, no more snow days yet, though I’m pretty sure that I just jinxed everyone in the tristate area. You’re all welcome. Because the kids are pretty much going to be attending school until nearly July at this point. We don’t need no more stinking snow days. 

Sometime pretty soon there will be an announcement of sorts on my blog. It may or may not be worth staying tuned for, but if you even kind of like me, you might want to check it out. 


3 thoughts on “Shhh, Don’t Tell the Kids

  1. Becca Webb says:

    LIKE!!! We just spent the last three days in DC…testifying at a Senate hearing. Cool…but much more exhausting. Give me a lazy river ANY day! :). Miss you LeComptes! Xoxoxoxo


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