Say It Ain’t So

This Heart...

There are a lot of things that I think people need not feel bad about.

(Some of these people are moms.)

Liking Twinkies, for instance. Or taking their smart phone with them into the bathroom. Or feeling too lazy to get up from the sofa to get the Chapstick out of their purse.

OK, so all of those things are, incidentally, things that I am personally guilty of. But really, I can’t be the only one that enjoys a good Twinkie now and then. And I know that I’m not the only person who isn’t interested in getting up from the couch when The Walking Dead is on, chapped and burning lips be darned!!

The thought occurred to me that while there are plenty of frivolous things that I don’t really feel all that bad about, along with lots of other folks I’m sure, there are also some kind of…

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