Why You Should Just Go For It

Why the messes and stresses of running a household shouldn’t bother you, mom!

This Heart...

They’re out there.

Those moms. The ones that can keep their household pretty much spotless. Whose children are always dressed before 10 a.m. (we are going on noon here, kids are still not dressed), who have make up on their faces before breakfast. The ones who will send out handmade Christmas cards on time. Moms who never forget to check the mail or wash the towels.
Moms who are organized.I’m not one of them. Like, not really at all. And I am NOT harping on those women. I’m kind of jealous in a please-tell-me-how-you-do-it, and you-mean-you-willingly-don’t-wear-sweats-all-day?  kind of way. I’d stay in comfy sweat pants (the non-buttoning kind) all day if it were socially acceptable.

Here we be! Here we be!

So, no, I’m not good at all of the organizational things. The crossed t’s and dotted i’s sort of stuff. It’s not that my house is always horrendously messy…

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