Why Moms Might “Need” a Blog

Find an oldie, but a goodie for you guys on this lovely Tuesday. Enjoy!

This Heart...

There are very few things in life that are as life changing for a woman as becoming a mom. At least from what I have noticed in my less than 30 years of experience on the matter. And while motherhood is the beginning of many things- most of them great- one thing in particular that moms face is the ability to somehow feel simultaneously overwhelmed and alone.

I see the term “mommy blog” being thrown around, and sometimes done so with unpleasant connotations. It is presumed by some that if you make the transition into motherhood, you’ll most likely be armed and typing with a blog about nursing, potty training and disciplining toddlers eventually. This fact can sometimes cause eye rolling from some people. I can certainly understand some of that mentality. If you’re not a parent yet, why would any of the previously mentioned topics sound even remotely appealing…

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