Cabin Fever

I came up with another name for winter: USELESS

We had some snowfall this past week. It was beautiful. At least, once the wind stopped blowing at 25 mph and the ice on the roads melted, it was beautiful. I have always said that I do, in fact, welcome winter each year. But after the first part of January, I’m ready for it to be done and over with. It’s great to think about fresh snow at Christmas, an occasion for hot chocolate at New Year’s and snow days trapped in the home with nothing to do but bake cookies, eat chili and watch movies. But all of that fades for me around the middle part of January. Which, coincidentally, is RIGHT NOW.


I am trying to remind myself that in a few short months, I will probably be complaining about the mosquitos that seem to crawl out of where ever it is they hatch from earlier and earlier each passing spring and bite the heck out of my children. Or loathing the humid Maryland weather that will have me sweating like a stuffed pig. Or swimsuit shopping. Because, eww. I’m trying to remind myself that even though I think I know what I need, the truth is that I’m going to find flaws in any weather. So I may as well enjoy what I have for the time being.

Yea, whatever.

The kids were home alllll last week. Schools around here were closed for three days, on top of the holiday in the earlier part of last week. So, Jerry has had a few days extra off of school. Which means that he will start his summer break somewhere in the middle of September, just in time to go back to school. I’m going to swim against the tide and say something profound here: I actually kind of like it when my boy is home from school. Shocking.

I understand why parents are eager for their kids to get back to school. It’s a return to their daily routine, which without, kids can start to get kooky. I get it. And, if the parents work, it’s tricky business when you have small children and have to figure out last-minute babysitting on top of punching a timecard. I totally get that. But what I don’t get are parents who are more than eager to shove their children out the door back to school…just because.

Case in point: the other day, I was standing in Target next to a small gaggle of mom’s.

They had a Starbucks drink in each hand, fashionable boots on their feet and perfectly highlighted hair. And there they stood, gathered around the clothing racks, lamenting that their children were off of school for the second day in a row, and that “if they had to pick up every kid in the county and drive them to school, their kids were “going to school tomorrow.” Mind you, these children who were off of school, and apparently such a nuisance to these moms, were nowhere in sight.

They were not to be found while these ladies browsed the clearance racks with their warm caramel macchiato drinks while enjoying interrupted adult conversation. I was pushing a cart with my two children stuffed inside, talking about going over to pick out more play dough and browse the toy aisles. We had already been to the grocery store and had lunch in the car – watermelon and cantaloupes from the salad bar at the grocery store and ham and cheese from the deli. There hadn’t been anything particularly amazing about the day, we were just happy to be out of the house.


Cabin fever was slowly setting in for us. There was plenty of snow on the ground to play in, but with the biting temperatures as bitter as they were it really wasn’t safe for the little ones to be outside. This is a horrible trick for my son, who when he sees snow and sunshine out the window is ready to spend the day playing outside. I’ll admit it, my eyes were twitching a bit last week. But, that’s when you get creative and let them wear their swimsuits in a bathtub with way too much water in it, or you all wear your pajamas all day and pop some popcorn. You hunker down and make the best of the rest. I only wrote that because it rhymed. 

Jerry headed back to school yesterday. This time, I was actually kind of happy about it. We had a stomach virus sweep through our house last weekend aka our first chance of getting out of the house and doing something fun. The poor little guy didn’t have much to do while sister and mommy weren’t feeling so hot, and daddy was running around trying to put out fires and make cherry Jello. Lots of play-dough (that purchase more than paid for itself), coloring, Netflix and dinosaur books were on the roster for him, and he handled it all like a champ. I’m happy that he finally got to get out and see other people besides those of us who looked like cast members of The Walking Dead, and play and burn off some of the energy I know he has stored up over the last week.

Kids store up energy in the winter months, moms, like me, store up fat. Thus the circle of life continues.



I’m almost kind of hoping that he takes me with him tomorrow. Do you think two and a half is old enough for Clara to stay home and take care of herself? 

(It’s sad that I have to write this, but you never know: I’M KIDDING, PEOPLE!!!)


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