Odds and Ends

Hello, fellow blogger’s.

How are you all fairing on this wonderful November day? Well, it’s wonderful here at least. The air is crisp, the leaves look like they are on fire and the sun is shining. AND my toddler is napping while my oldest is at school, at least he’s at school for 20 more minutes. OH and there is a humungonormous bag of Halloween candy in the cabinet. It was sitting in the kids’ trick or treat baskets for what seemed like forever and I was steadily picking at it. I thought that by bagging it and putting it away in the cabinet that I would forget about the Kit Kats, the Reese’s Cups and the glorious Twix bars.

It was all for not. Fattening food seems to be the one thing that I CAN’T forget. Car keys. Cell phone. Appointments. Paying the trash bill. Shoes. Where I put the top to my deodorant – all out of the mental window. Where the chocolate goods are? I could draw you a map with my eyes closed while hanging from the ceiling by my toes if you wish.

The kids had a wonderful Halloween, as evidenced by this…


No, really, she did have fun. She may have been slightly uncomfortable in her tutu get up but let’s try not to forget that this is the child who has perfected Puddle Butt during her vivacious two years of life. She couldn’t have been THAT uncomfortable. Rob and I like to joke that maybe she felt as though we were marginalizing her as a woman because women’s suffrage is hysterical.

She was given the option of both Bat and Super Girls and this is what she picked. I’m thinking that it really wasn’t an issue that she had with her costume so much as the inherent fact that children are hardwired to hate dressing up in costume. I mean, it isn’t like we put clothes on them everyday or anything, right? So naturally they have reason to freak out when we do the same thing that we do twice a day while picking something only slightly different that allows them to walk around, get candy and be oooh’d and ahhh’d at.

The nerve.

Jerry has been doing super great in school. He typically comes home everyday with a sticker on his shirt proclaiming that he was a star student. He’s just the cutest. And now, he and I have been having conversations about herbivorous, carnivorous and omnivorous dinosaurs on a regular basis. He’s just amazing and he with his thirst for all things learning puts me to shame. I couldn’t ask for a cuter son.

Rob and I are about to embark down a path that we are all too familiar with: that of home repairs. The husband has been working tirelessly on the weekends, painting, scraping, repairing and sighing as we try to get ready to close early next month. Because the holiday season needs one more thing. Be praying Rob would have the energy (both mentally and physically) to accomplish all that he has on his plate. I’m thankful to have such an awesome husband and provider who also happens to be pretty well schooled in the handiness category.

At the moment, I’m neglecting the mound of laundry engulfing my dining room table and the four-year old who is demanding food. Se la vie. Right? Or something…

Or this. I like this better….

Happy Monday!


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