What Would Your Kids Say?

I know that it isn’t Mother’s Day, so the timing of this video is a bit off.

But I’m a big believer that it isn’t just Thanksgiving that we give thanks. And it isn’t just on Veteran’s Day that we should honor our Veteran’s. Or just Valentine’s Day that we should tell those that we love just how much we love them.  Because, OBVIOUSLY!

It isn’t just on Mother’s Day that we should celebrate mom. Or our mom’s. Or that mom’s should celebrate their relationship with their children. Mom’s sometimes pretty much always need constant reminders that what they do for their children sink in and reverberate. Because, let’s face it, kids aren’t always the best at saying so until they get a bit older. Or maybe, we just don’t ask them enough. I don’t know. But either way, this will hopefully give you some Tuesday refreshment like it did for me. I sure hope so.

What would your children say if they were asked about the job that you did for them? Most mom’s would probably be pretty nervous. I know that I might not even want to hear the answer. Because there is so much fear when it comes to mothering. Fear of failure. And we live in its shadow, most of the time when it’s completely unnecessary. It’s time to let go of some of the fear and insecurities that plague us and just be mom to our children.

Every mom needs to see this. Right now. Drop what you’re doing, and watch this.

Click the link below!

What would your kids say?

Happy Tuesday, momma.


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