On Planking, Pink Eye, Puddles and Alliteration.

I started a 30-day planking challenge tonight. And whoa.

I thought, like, totally for sure that I could handle a mere 20 seconds in the planking position. Sounds like it should be a breeze, right?



I did it. “It” as in I finished out my time but it wasn’t a glorious spectacle to behold. ‘Holy whoa’ is all that I have to say about it.

I’m already worried that I have to spend 20 MORE seconds doing it again tomorrow. This should show you, children, the perils of Facebook peer pressure. OK, well, this isn’t an ACTUAL example of Facebook peer pressure so much as someone posted a picture that looked like a great idea…and thought we could rock out together and since it’s a good idea to be healthier and even better when encouragement is involved….I joined in. Because it IS a good idea. I’m just in terrible shape.

Here is hoping that 30 days from now I’ll be super glad that I did. And if you don’t hear from me then you should send a search party.

Our house has recovered (seemingly) from a few bouts of pink eye. Nothing like having to hold your squirming children down AND pry their eyes open to get the juices flowing. It’s more jolting than coffee. I’m a bit worried that Jerry doesn’t trust me as much as I thought he does – he was concerned that I was going to get the bottle too close and poke his eyeball. We’ll practice the whole “fall backwards and I’ll catch you. I promise” thing after I have finished coating everything with Lysol and changing everyone’s sheets.

On a side note, my daughter is adorable.

I keep having these feelings of de ja vous when I’m watching her. Namely because I can’t believe that I’m on to raising my second two-year old. And while Clara has her own, and quite distinct mind you, personality, it’s comforting to be doing and enjoying the same things with her that I was blessed to be able to share with her brother.

One of those things?



They both share a love for them. What kid doesn’t? But where some children may be content to toss rocks into them or simply splash around and stomp their feet, mine take their affections for all things puddles to new heights. They both have suffered from puddle butts more than a few times in their lives. And while it makes for an awkward walk home for them, squishy pants and all, I love seeing them get to enjoy something SO much. I am pretty sure about one thing: sheer delight on a child’s face will chase your Monday blues away.

And let’s be honest…



 It looks like a ton of fun. 487901_10201505398498976_886181237_n

If only I weren’t worried about being uncomfortable and looking ridiculous for the rest of the walk home. 

Lately, it’s been reminder after reminder that it’s all going way too fast.

Someone posted on Facebook today that it’s only 9 Saturday’s until Christmas. Excuse me, what? 2013 is almost gone, folks. And I still have the muffin tops that I thought I would be rid of by now and I have yet to make a single scrapbook of my children’s pictures. So maybe my plans for a more productive, organized and fit 2013 haven’t quite taken off. But that’s OK. I actually cleaned the shower more than a few times this year, survived multiple cases of the stomach bug when it ravaged our house and ate a lot of chocolate. I should be bummed, I guess. But I’m not, actually.

Time well spent. Except for the stomach bug parts.

And here is hoping that we don’t see any commercials or pictures of that stupid Geico Camel for Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “On Planking, Pink Eye, Puddles and Alliteration.

  1. Mama Cain says:

    You should most certainly not be disappointed. You should be proud that you have spent precious moments with the people that matter most. You make your family and your faith top priorities. And you are one of the best most loyal friends anyone can ask for. What’s to be bummed about there????


  2. Perfection Pending says:

    First off, loved your guest post today!! I left a little comment over there. But, we’ve been having bouts of pink eye over here too. I just blogged about it too! It’s amazing to know that we’re all pretty much surviving the same life at the same time!! 🙂


    • ashleylecompte says:

      Hi there. Thank you so much for your comment. I love hearing from people, but especially other moms.

      And it’s so refreshing and encouraging to hear that it isn’t JUST us going through seasons of discouragement or sickness.

      Glad you commented. Can’t wait to read about YOUR pink eye adventures!!


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