The Geekery Awards

Valerie has no idea what she has done.

I am a self-professed nerd. Not a HUGE nerd, but a nerd none the less. A nerd that, if given more time to develop and grow, could be quite the nerd. Sadly, kiddos and other stuff get in the way of my being able to delve into all things nerdy. And plus, when I was 12 my Sega totally broke. At least I beat Jurassic Park before that happened.


Anyway, I was recently nominated for The Geekery award.





Unfortunately, this means that some of the dumbness from this brain will be released on the world.

But not before I say a big thank you to Valerie, who gets crazy and writes a lot over at Atlanta Mom of Three. Valerie is awesome and is a friend to all bloggers, and is always creating ways to share blogs that she finds great with other bloggers. This thank you to her is overdue, since she has done this for me on several occasions. So thanks a lot, Valerie!


The second part is that I must accept the award.

I accept this award, earnestly!

And thirdly, I get to unleash a silly award of my own on the world.

This took me 2.4 seconds to come up with, because the nerd is just that close to the surface.



This is the Strong Bad Award-ded.

Strong Bad isn’t always the nicest guy, no. But Strong Bad has big dreams and is always there to give out advice to those in need, even if that advice isn’t always the most helpful or sane. ANYWAY, in honor of Strong Bad’s tenacity, I bestow this terrible award to Growing Pains and Little Cains!!!

Why? Because Sarah, that’s Momma Cain to you, is always ready to listen, and always ready to help. Granted, she is far, far nicer than Strong Bad! Anyway, I want to encourage Sarah to keep writing. Sarah recently moved with her family from Maryland to Kentucky and anyone can tell you that moving is hard enough, let alone having to move your kiddos. Sarah’s heart is always full, and it’s always insightful to get to read about what goes on in her life. SO, I want to encourage her in many ways. That she can, indeed, transition into her new day-to-day life, that she can be strong during the months ahead and to encourage her that when she has the time and isn’t chasing busy babies around to find the keyboard and tell us how it is. Because we love to read about it. 

If you want to borrow The Strong Bad Award-ded (and you probably don’t) or The Geekery Award, please just follow these rules.

  1. Like I tell my children you should always say thank you.
  2. Please link back to the post that gave you your award (or to where you borrowed the award from.)
  3. If you won any of these awards you can pass along any of these made up, but still real, awards to someone else. Or can create your own awards to tell someone how awesome you think they are.


Happy Sunday, everyone!



7 thoughts on “The Geekery Awards

  1. Valerie says:

    Haha! I love it! A Jurassic Park GAME?! Where was *I*? I adore that movie…
    But anyway, thanks for your kind words and now I know what a nerd you are!! 😉


  2. dorothy says:

    You realize that my sister wouldn’t know The Cheat if he bit her ankle, right? LOL. Also, if she’s Strong Bad, I’m pretty sure that makes me Strong Sad. Noooooo!


  3. Becca Webb says:

    I am SO out of the loop. I didn’t know Sarah was moving!!!! Please give her a big big hug. She certainly is up there on the people-I-admire and Moms-I’d-like-to-emulate list!


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