Five Minute Friday

I have not participated in the Five Minute Friday series for quite some time. If you haven’t heard of FMF before, click the attached link and read more about it. In a nutshell, Lisa Jo Baker originates a topic on her blog and encourages her readers to type for no more than five minutes about the topic. Just type. Don’t fixate over spelling and grammar, just try to let the words flow.

Unfortunately for me, today I had to settle for intermittent chances to write as I ran errands and was mostly out and about. So, I may not have exactly adhered to the Five Minute Rule, but I did my best. Enjoy. 

This week, the topic is Belong.
I have noticed something startling when observing my son play and interact with other children on the playground. He loves to make friends, my son. If we arrive to the park and he sees other children already playing, he excitedly exclaims that “there are new friends” there who are ready to play.
He’s forthcoming, he loves to greet and say hi to strangers. He loves to meet new people and ask them questions and to be engaged with them.
Unfortunately, this world doesn’t always share his enthusiasm. While I was watching him one day, as he approached a little girl who decidedly wanted nothing to do with him when he tried to make nice with her, the sharp pangs of an all too familiar feeling sinking into me that I myself had when growing up, I realized something slightly depressing.
Rejection begins on the playground. (Really, even earlier than that, but this is a topic for another post.)
When I was his age, I too wanted friends. I wasn’t afraid to talk to people or to introduce myself. Some were receptive, others not so much. Because of this I didn’t always feel like I had a place where I officially ‘belonged.’ Where others had carved out niches for themselves with their like-minded peers, I always felt on the outside looking in to those social circles, insecure.
Was I not lovable? Was I not worth knowing? 
I don’t want that pain for my son. I don’t want that doubt rampant in his mind. I want him to know where he belongs. He has a place, in our home, and without him it wouldn’t be the same. This world will reject us, Christ tells us that. I suppose that I had figured that would start a bit later in life, under different circumstances. But truly, for those who are pure in heart, who seek His face, who are gentle – this world is all too often unsympathetic. Sure, it can be unrelenting on just about anyone, but the rejection my son faces now make take a different form when he is older.
Hopefully, he will always take heart and know that we have hope. He is loved and he is valued and worth knowing. He has a family that adores him. And above all else, He has a God that adores him, who cares for him and who is acquainted with all of his ways. We have a place where we belong, but it takes an inner journey to realize that it isn’t the place that we thought it would be, for us it is with our Heavenly Father.
This truth wraps itself around him, whether he knows it or not yet. 
Happy Friday, everyone.

7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday

  1. Dana says:

    Ugh. One of the hardest struggles of a mom – watching our kids grow up and not being able to fully shield them from the pain that comes from living in the world. I’m stepping into that season with my almost-3-year-old and knowing it’s going to be one of the most intense exercises in trusting God that I’ve ever walked out.

    Your post made me think. And pray. Thanks for your honesty. 🙂


    • ashleylecompte says:

      I totally agree with you. It makes you wonder what God feels when WE feel and what He sees when this world is chaotic. How is heart must ache. Parenting gives us an ever so small glimpse into what God sees and into how He loves. Prayer is a good thing as these years approach! Thank you for your comment. 🙂


  2. Barbie says:

    This is one of the hardest things to witness as a mother, when our children are rejected. Everything inside of me wants to shield them from such heartache. Thank you for sharing your heart.


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