Moms Speak- Am I the only one that this makes mad?

Few things ruffle my feathers in the social media world.  I can handle sarcasm or darker humor, even if it is humor that I may not personally care for. I can handle differing political opinions or ideology from others. I can even tolerate it when people use their Facebook account to incessantly whine about stuff – like the slow driver in front of them or the person at work who at their lunch even though the brown bag was clearly marked.

Let me say that I think that blogging and social media are both fantastic things overall. They serve a purpose, even if it is a more abstract one than books or the news. They allow for a greater scope of connection and a type of connection that someone like me became especially fond of after having babies. Finding communities of moms who have been ‘there’, done ‘that’ and gotten the proverbial t-shirt was a huge help to me. It was refreshing to find other women that understood and who could encourage me that life does get better after the throes of newborn codling.

Unfortunately though, when you become involved in social media you may get burned and sometimes there may be things that make you mad. It’s a double-edged sword, unfortunately. What really grinds my gears are when people turn their personal blog or profile into a platform for them to put others down for thinking or being different from them. It drives me bonkers, people. It’s one thing to post about and discuss a topic that people will be divided over and for a civil discussion to ensue. It’s another story when you post something that is clearly, and only, opinion as if it is gospel truth or something that is purposely disparaging towards other people simply because they disagree.

The flip side to the great waves of connection that come from social media? It brings out the worst in us. Judging others so carelessly is something that we should be ashamed of, and yet now a days it’s celebrated. Pick any part of life – work, politics, pop culture, day-to-day life, etc… and being judgmental something that is outright encouraged. You should HATE and judge your party’s political opponents. You need to buy this magazine so that you can judge a certain celebrity and the mess that they are making of their lives. You should turn your nose up when someone looks or speaks a different way from you.

This mentality has seeped into everything. And I think that is sad, not something that gives cause for celebration.

Judging other people is something that we should be uneasy and ashamed of, not something that we should be comfortable doing. Because IT’S AWFUL.

I want to post a link to an article that I read the other day. PLEASE NOTE that this is not a call to arms. This is not my asking for any of you to go and comment and berate the author of this article. I want to ask: am I the only one that gets mad about stuff like this? Because the way that I see it, all parents, moms and dads, are in the trenches together. People have different philosophies about everything and that includes parenting. And while it is also worth noting that some things in this article are understandable,  I DO NOT believe that we should encourage parents judging other parents. Do we truly know what goes on in someone else’s life? Is there anything wrong with telling someone that what they’re doing isn’t right? Of course not. But is this how we do it?

Here is the link, folks. 

I have to know…am I the only one who gets burned up over stuff like this?


7 thoughts on “Moms Speak- Am I the only one that this makes mad?

  1. Valerie says:

    Sometimes I disagree with the way parents choose to raise their kids. It’s more about my heart aching than judging. I don’t think just because a child is “yours”‘ that you can do whatever you like. 😉 BUT I do not slam parents for any of it on my blog or in my day to day talk. It wouldn’t help anyone. Instead, my main goal on my blog is to encourage people. Not encourage them to do things the way I am, just encourage them! How can a Christian bash anyone and expect to have their light shining for God?


  2. Valerie says:

    Also, I wanted to say that I am very careful about the blogs I read/follow. I am not drawn to negativity. I enjoy reading positive things because they add to my day instead of detract from it. xo


    • ashleylecompte says:

      I totally agree. I feel like we encourage people more with positivity than when we put them down. This doesn’t mean that we can’t be truthful, but it has to be the truth seasoned with love and with salt. Some things that people do make my heart ache or disillusioned. And sure, some things are just completely unacceptable. But I feel like by judging them and putting them down, we are negating the potential for God’s work. Or, who knows, maybe we are wrong in our assertions.

      Totally agree with you about the positive blogs that I am drawn to. Yours definitely being one of them for me!! 🙂 you’re doing something right with yours though as I see a lot of women who love reading it and are encouraged by it!


      • Valerie says:

        “by judging them and putting them down, we are negating the potential for God’s work” – definitely!
        Thank you! I enjoy yours too!! 😀


  3. mummyshymz says:

    I do get upset by some comments or blogs that I read, but I’ve realized that some deliberately write the way they do to stir up emotions (and gain readership). Like Valerie, I prefer to focus on positive blogs, because my objective here is to learn and share. Plenty of nice people around 🙂


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