5 Things Thursday – 5 Things That Make Moms Amazing

A side note from Ashley: I KNOW that there are more than 5 reasons that moms are amazing. AND I know that dads are awesome, too. But, for the sake of being concise and in order to not write a 10,000 word post, I’m keeping it real and posting 5 reasons that I think moms are awesome.

I wrote yesterday that this week I would be taking the time to celebrate moms and motherhood. And in keeping with that proclamation, and clearly taking advantage of the fact that my children are engrossed in Little Einsteins at the moment, I’m going to do my best.

Here at (just) 5 reasons that moms are amazing. In no particular order.

1.) Moms can make everything better. No, really. I’m almost 30 and I still call my mother. Whether it’s for a favor, for babysitting, to chat, to grab me milk when she’s in town. Whatever it may be. If anything crops up in my day to day life that has me frazzled, it’s probably nothing a phone call to her, asking what I should do won’t cure. Even though I’ve long since moved out, this somehow doesn’t bother her. I suppose that holds true for a lot of moms.

2.) If mom can’t find it, it’s lost. Just this past week, with some assistance, I fished a stick my son had been using to go pretend fishing out of the Tuckahoe River. It was knocked into the water accidentally and my son was plenty upset about it. Even though I knew it would be perfectly reasonable to let it go since, you know, it was floating away down river I just couldn’t. Cue me, hanging off the edge of a dock, fishing in this stick. Why? Because it made Jerry happy. Therefore, it made me happy. The same goes for sippy cups, trains, toys, books and socks. Mom has got it…unless she doesn’t have it. Otherwise, that special item is nowhere to be found and has most likely made it’s way to Narnia.

3.) Moms have intuition. Most mothers know when the sickness is coming before it has arrived. Or know what their child wants at the first gripe or whine. Or know the difference between a teething fever and a cold induced fever. We just know. It’s built into us. It’s probably more mysterious to us than it is to you. But John Edwards has got nothing on an intuitive mother. Word.

4.) Multitasking. This is a skill that like a fine wine gets better the longer that a mom mothers. Chances are that she is feeding babies while talking on the phone and emptying the dishwasher. Or making dinner and conversing with the hubby. It’s another one of those things that we don’t understand. But it’s a gift God gave to moms because He knew we’d need them. Now, if we only had some of Inspector Gadget’s gadgets or the ability to fly. We’d be unstoppable.

5.) Dedication. What makes a mom especially great? Her dedication to her child or children. If all else crumbles in this world but my children are alright, then I’m good. If my house were an absolutely disaster everyday until they moved out, but my children finished school well and live to be happy adults, I’d get over it. Your priorities shift when baby comes along. And it is the best shift you can and will ever make. And if it hasn’t happened for you yet, that’s ok. Hopefully, you had a great momma who thinks the world of you and made you her priority.

There you have it. Just a handful of reasons that moms are the coolest. Hug your mom this week, and tell her thank you. I promise, that is something that will never ever get old to her.

Happy Thursday!


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