Somebody Has To Do It

It’s been hard to find the time to write lately. Life has been pulling me in different directions recently and, to boot, my almost four year old has shunned napping as of late. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but ask any momma what the demise of nap time means or would mean to her and you’ll probably see her facial expression change from lighthearted to serious very quickly.

It’s a big deal.

So along with this change in our daily schedule my time to blog has gone out the window these past few weeks. I have to get creative in order to find the time to sit down at my computer and type. This doesn’t mean that there haven’t been ideas bouncing around in my head for things to write about. Hopefully, I can catch up in the near future, and write about all of them and annoy all of you with them share some new stuff with my readers soon.

Just in these past few months it seems like I have entered a new phase of motherhood. Think less baby canoodling and diaper changing and more cleaning up messes made by my crazy kids and laying down the law. I officially have two toddlers who think that they run the joint running around…destroying the joint. And with this new flurry of activity and their ever emerging personalities has come the need for me to set new boundaries with my kiddos. Thankfully my kids are relatively well behaved most of the time. And I also don’t mind having to set rules and explain certain things to them. But sometimes, what drives me nuts is explaining the RIDICULOUS to them. Think less “this is why we don’t touch a hot oven” and instead, more “take that airplane out of your nose.”

Let me start with saying that I knew children relied on their parents to instruct and encourage them constantly, even in the most basic of tasks. I had foolishly figured that this instruction namely encompassed teaching them how to tie their shoes or how to count to ten and not needing to explain to them that when they’re in timeout, they don’t get to lick the walls. Some of these absurd moments, like where I have to tell my daughter that she isn’t allowed to suck all of the color out of the tip of a marker, have been daily occurrences for me lately. And sometimes, these wonderful and hysterical moments afford me the chance to have a laugh with my children. Other times…they nearly cause my eyes to pop out of my head and into my fruit salad. Which would be rather unseemly.

I guess that someone has to do it, right moms? Someone has to explain to their child that even if the door is open the refrigerator is not a place for neither hiding nor sitting in. Someone has to explain to their son that the dryer is NEVER, NEVER, EVER! a good place to hide from mommy and daddy. Someone has to explain to their children the machinations of raising and lowering their eyebrows when they finally figure out that those fuzzy things over their eyes can actually move – and that being able to scowl and show excitement is an invaluable skill.

I don’t know why this surprises me. I am after all the child of two parents who had to explain to her that no, in fact, it isn’t a good idea to dance on the kitchen table in your underwear while wearing high tops. And that no, you actually don’t bring your pet chickens into the house and put them in bed with you.

Children have to start somewhere. Whether it’s just learning how to count to three for the first time, riding their bikes without training wheels…or understanding that toy trains do not go in the oven. Ever. Because can you imagine if you grew up thinking that creating fire hazards was a good thing? Or that it was ok to take a load off by sitting in your fridge?

And for every child that needs a push in the right direction or Q-Tips taken out of their ear, there is a mom, trying to keep it together while pointing them in the right direction. Sometimes, we would understandably prefer correcting a bad attitude over trying to make a young mind understand that you aren’t allowed to go behind the checkout stand at the grocery store to get to the cashier’s stash of stickers. I’ll tell you one thing, these past few years my sense of humor has grown tremendously.

It really is the little things. And I guess the best is in front of me – trying to explain things to hardheaded teenagers, huh? I’ll get there. Not rushing towards that milestone, though.

Hang in there, moms. Your children will thank you by not playing in the toilet when they’re grown.

This week, I’m going to be trying hard to carve out time to celebrate motherhood and moms. Feel free to share any of the ridiculous explanations that you have ever had to give to your children.

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Happy Wednesday.


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