Beans and Carrots

The weather was gorgeous this week. I’m biting my tongue to avoid complaining about the fact that there were a few days this week that felt more summer-esque than like springtime. Because what are you gonna do? You can’t change the weather. And there is no way that I want to revisit 40 degree days. Because, no thanks!

It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Maryland. We have spent most of the day outdoors because….(drumroll)…

Rob and I started a garden!


It’s not quite done at this point, and hopefully when it is I’ll share more pictures with you. Yay for what will hopefully be a summer filled with veggies grown by team LeCompte. Here is hoping!

I’m actually really looking forward to this. I’m a little awestruck by the fact that we are finally doing this – after many springs of talking about gardening we are putting our hard work and garden tools where our mouths are. It may sound like just tomatoes and carrots to you, especially if you have already proven yourself to have a green thumb, but I feel for some reason that if this garden turns out, it’s gonna be eye-opening for me!


In awe of daddy, doing the tilling.

Life is built around convenience now a days. This is something that I welcome, just so you don’t misunderstand me. But I feel sometimes like there is so much that we miss out on by taking the easy way and relying on all that we do throughout our day-to-day lives. Don’t get me wrong – we are still gardening the easy way, our rented tiller and store-bought seeds are proof enough of that. I am joyfully expecting to be filled with excitement when I see our seedlings break through the earth. Somehow I feel like when that happens that I’m going to realize what it’s all about and that I will see in some small way just what the earth was made for.


On a side note, I caught sight of Rob out the window…


…and decided to sing his praises. I just have to say how awesome my hubby is. Rob did the tilling this morning and is taking on the harder tasks of our gardening adventure. This isn’t surprising, it is what he has always done. His hands are gifted. He can woodwork, he can build and tear down. He can fix, he can protect his family and now it’s probably safe to say that he can grow.

So as I was watching him,


…I just had to thank God for those hands that are always giving, always providing and always willing.

Don’t know how I came to be so lucky.

Happy Saturday!!!


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