Seeing as how we had multiple inches of SNOW just two weeks ago, I would just like to point something out:

Mother Nature has finally gotten on board with this whole spring business. 


The weather seems to have finally turned. While the thing that spring does best is bounce back and forth between sunshine filled and warm days to wet and cool ones, for the time being, spring can freeze right where it is. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s, plenty of sunshine. This just in: it’s just about perfect outside.

There are a handful of things that Maryland does right. We get crab cakes right. Oh, boy, do we ever get our crab cakes right. Old Bay would be another thing that we have perfected like an art form. Then there is football. I would like to submit that we should add spring and early autumn weather to that list. I will go ahead and say it unabashedly: I love living around here. This little nook of the country still feels like a well-kept secret even amongst the hustle and bustle to the west of the bay. The traffic on route 50 will suggest otherwise in about a month as tourists head for the ocean. I don’t knock anyone who lives on the western shore. There are plenty of perks about it. But I’ll take obscure beaches, dirt roads, serene farmland and throes of daffodils everywhere any day of the week.

We were able to enjoy the weather this past weekend and allowed ourselves to be somewhat spontaneous. We headed to Salisbury to visit the zoo. The kids had a blast. The zoo had just enough for them to see without it being too much. The pathways were shaded which made strolling around much more pleasant, even though they were guarded by marauding geese who took to building nests in the bushes alongside of the trails. This made for two nervous parents when we had to navigate around geese, which were sitting on nests full of eggs. One was guarding a puddle. I don’t really know why. Perhaps THAT, and not the eastern shore, is the best kept secret around.


Jerry’s favorite animal to observe was the bison. I love his little heart. I sometimes wish that I could see things through my children’s eyes for a change. Can you imagine seeing ducks and geese would be SO thrilling? Can you imagine when flamingos would have been something exotic to your eyes? How about an owl? I can’t either. Their excitement was contagious. Considering that it was free to park and enter the zoo, I’d say that day was a win. High fives to parents with well laid plans!





The only hiccup in the day was that I lost*** my iPhone somewhere in the zoo. Lots of panicking. And sickness to my stomach. And worrying. I wasn’t happy to have to leave the zoo without my phone, but after retracing where we had visited and checking with office staff, there wasn’t any more that we could do. I just had to have faith that what was lost would be found. And if not, it’s only a smart phone. OK, a rather nice and expensive smart phone…with pictures of my kiddos on it…and all of my contacts. Breathe. Breathe. But, actually, the quiet has been kind of nice. It’s annoying that I have to jump through hoops to connect with people when I’m out and about. And also, I’m a bit annoyed that I can’t take pictures of my children.

Life goes on.

Thankfully, I brought my regular camera and nabbed some great pictures of the kiddos.

Jerry and his bird call from the gift shop.

Jerry and his bird call from the gift shop.

Busy girl.

Busy girl.


The staff at the zoo actually located my phone yesterday and plan on mailing it back to me today. So, WOOT!! I am a lucky duck.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. I hope that where ever you live in the country is warming up and that the sun is shining, or at least that it soon will be. Enjoy it!


***Thank you so much to my ever patient and loving husband. I am an habitual item-loser. He always helps me look. Sometimes with a furrowed brow on his face, but none the less, he is good to me. Thank you, again, hubby for being good to me. Love you!



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