You Know You’re…When

Normally, I like to do a lead in for each of my posts. But tonight, I really don’t care. So let’s pretend that I said something witty about something interesting and let’s all have a laugh together.


You know you’re a parent when…

You’re excusing yourself to go to the bathroom and you say,

“I’m gonna go potty,” or “I need to go pee-pee” without thinking twice.

Certainly makes dinner dates with the hubby more interesting.


You drink from cups that look like this…


...because there are no other clean cups.


You can’t eat a meal or a snack in peace, because your children…






…what YOU’RE eating. Ugh.


Your lunches consist of Mac and Cheese, bologna and cheese sandwiches,

fruit snacks, goldfish and graham crackers.

Because that is what your children are eating. And you must eat. 


You have cleaned up the same messes, time and time again.

You have reiterated the same rules time and time again.

You have…pretty much done anything numerous times.



 When sometimes, that^^ isn’t just the baby’s face.

It’s your’s, too.  

After a long day… 

A sleepless night with kiddos in and out of bed…

A trip to the grocery store with bickering children… 

Fill in the blank. 


When getting a shower AND brushing your hair AND blow-drying it

is a treat.

 Otherwise, you normally just look like this all day….



And finally, 

if this is you after a long day…


Then you’re a parent.



Now, go to bed.


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