5 Things Friday: The 5 Most Awesome Things About This Week

Let’s begin on this lovely note: the time change this past Sunday stunk. Like, for reals.

It jacked up part of me and my children’s week. This week has drug on for forever, and as the days have worn on, my babies have become more and more sleep deprived. I am not kidding at all when I say that their sleep schedules have been a hot mess since Sunday. I thought that this time around, the time change, for some reason, wouldn’t be that big of a deal. “It’s just an hour ahead,” I thought. I figured that once we got past what would be a rocky Monday it only would only mean that my children would wake up an hour later, even though it’s just due to the clock jumping ahead and not actually due to an extra hour of sleep. Yea, right. Kids, it turns out, will still find 7 a.m., somehow, even in the midst of a time change. And they will be grumpy about it. Especially since 7 a.m. after moving the clock an hour ahead isn’t REALLY 7 a.m.

The one good thing about Daylight Savings: longer days! I don’t know how most of you feel about it, but I sure as heck am glad that the sun isn’t going to go away by 5 p.m. anymore. With longer days, it now truly feels like summer is around the corner…even though we still have the heat on and the days seem to be still stuck in “grey, dreary and wet” mode. I’m just going to pretend that any day now the weather is going to turn to being mild and it won’t look back. And neither shall I.


The 5 Most Awesome Things About This Week (even in the midst of Daylight Savings Time):

1. My son figured out how to move his eyebrows today. Not kidding, this is the greatest thing ever. Granted, he could only go up and down a few times before he ended up having to contort his whole face instead of actually moving just his eyebrows up and down. But suffice it to say, we had a great laugh in the car when we both realized what he was doing. Super, duper cute.

2. Wonderful sister in-laws. You know, the kind that will babysit your two crazy kids for nearly 8 hours so that you and the husband can go and have a day at the mall to yourselves? Yes, that kind. I already loved my sister-in-law and didn’t think it was possible to love her anymore. Rob and I had a wonderful time, Jess. Thank you SO much, we needed that time together. And kudos to Jessica’s husband, Jason, for loaning her out for the day. We missed you, but we will catch you next time! And by then, hopefully, Jerry will have even further perfected his eyebrow moving skills. If there is such a thing. We may just have to ask Napoleon Dynamite.

3. This…



Clearly, he was on a roll this week.

4. Clara is talking more! I love listening to her talk. I love listening to her excited babbling when she sees something new. I love that she can say “love you” and that she is starting to form sentences already! But, what I think that I love the most is her simple reaction when she sees something that leaves her in awe, “…whoa.”

5. Friends. This next part is a bit cryptic, but that’s OK. Friends. Lately, Rob and I have had the opportunity to reconnect with a few old friends and to make some new ones. It has left us feeling somewhat inspired to get out there and be more social, especially with the summer months coming. But, I am so, so fortunate to have all of the friends that I have. And, no matter if they are near, or far or if we see and talk to one another regularly or often, it is an understatement when I say that each one of them has touched my life, brightened it and filled it with joy. Joy that can only be attributed to them. New or old, a friend is a friend. I am very thankful for my posse. Word.

I hope that where ever you are, that you get lots of warm weather and sunshine. I think that it is supposed to rain here this weekend. I’d show you my surprised face, except for the fact that this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. But, at least I will be all the more prepped for being ready and willing to get outside when the sun finally does decide to show itself. I’m waiting…

Happy Friday, folks!!!


One thought on “5 Things Friday: The 5 Most Awesome Things About This Week

  1. Valerie says:

    Great list! LOL about the eyebrows! šŸ˜€ And oh, how cute that she says “whoa”! I love that. You are super lucky to have hours to yourself with your hubby, wow! Enjoy your weekend. ā¤


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