Let It Be

It really is the little things.

Jerry was sick Sunday and Monday, and my poor hubby came home with the sickness last night. I’m thinking about how I want to sanitize the house since I think we are dealing with strep throat. I’ll just wipe down everything, strip the sheets off of the bed and then, ya know, quietly burn down the house. I’m sick of looking at it anyway.

I can’t complain at the moment. The hubby’s ibuprofen kicked in and he volunteered to read a book to the kids at nap time. This saved me from having to banish them from my sight and just dumping them in bed. I’m sitting here with a bowl of Totino’s pizza rolls and watching the television. And I didn’t even have to share my grub.

That’s good stuff, right there. I’m gonna forget about the fact that I’ve sustained myself off of cherry coke, a Cheese Danish, Popeyes and the like for the past 48 hours because hopefully, we just might make it through, people.

Kids and sick husband asleep, good excuses to eat like crap, but deliciously, and good enough reasons to nap as any, I guess I’ll take it. Here is something to make your Wednesday interesting.

Did you know that “Let It Be” by The Beatles was released 43 years ago on this date? You may not care, but if you are like me and grew up listening to John, Paul, George and Ringo – maybe you even danced to a Beatles song for your first wedding d like Rob and I did – then you know this song.

Without sharing to terribly much, life is a bit confusing for me at the moment. And sometimes, when life is like that, the most effective answer is to just let it be. I think that answer is applicable to quite a number of different situations. The Bible tells us to be still, and know that God is GOD, for goodness sake. Considering the source, I would say that is sound advice. Click on the link below to have a listen and grab some zen. Or something or other.



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