Ten Thoughts Tuesday

I have wanted to jump on the bandwagon for this before but have never had the time. And on a day like today, mustering up ten different thoughts will somehow be simultaneously the least that I can do, and yet the hardest. On days like today, when there is really way too much going on and it’s hard to decipher what to share and how to, ya know, form coherent sentences, this concept helps to keep it all in perspective and to get it out there, without all of the fuss. I got the idea from Atlanta Mom of Three. Her blog has a little bit of everything and she is so sweet. Check her out!




1. My son has strep throat, but despite this seemed to be in a great mood today. Thank goodness!

2. I really wish that Clara’s canine teeth would pop through already so that she would quit throwing things and screaming when she gets in trouble. Wicked Witch mode engaged!

3. On second thought…her throwing tantrums (and toys) probably isn’t exclusive to her teething. Dang it.

4. I wish that someone would break into my house and…clean. No one ever tries to break in and do that. Whatever.

5. I’m hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. All the live long day today, I was hungry.

6. The husband is sick now as well. Really hoping that this doesn’t turn into my being the last one standing. Clara better not get sick on me now.

7. My son asked if we lived in a “country” today. Then he was worried that someone would take the rock that he left in the middle of the road and take it to America. If this really happened and people really stole rocks just to take them to America I’m sure the federal government would somehow implement a tax on rocks. In fact, they probably already have.

8. I would really, really like a shower. But now that it is after 9 p.m. I think it is safe to say that I may be to lazy to even get one.

9. I love my son, but he had better stay in his new bed tonight. For the last three days, I have heard nothing except for his feet stomping on the floor as he gets out of his bed at nap time and night time, insisting that he has to use the potty (again) or that he already had a “good nap” and is ready to get up.

10. Cherry Coke really is the best thing ever. Which reminds me…I haven’t gotten to the gym at all this week. Sigh.

Happy Tuesday, folks.



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