Expect The Unexpected

I firmly believe that motherhood and parenting are incredibly sanctifying experiences. Marriage has the same effect. If someone has particular flaws or quirks, and we all do in one way or another, moving in with someone and building a life together will at times only magnify the more unsavory aspects of a person. Hopefully, over time, you will both learn to live with one another, learn to be better friends and learn to love one another all the better. This takes time and it takes intentional hearts from both parties.

Being a mother is something akin to the experience of learning how to be a better wife and friend to Rob. But unlike Rob, my children are at my side day in and day out, and their little lives can either flourish under my judgement and nurturing or not. I’m not talking about making blaring and obviously wrong choices, I’m talking about the pitfalls that we all fall into as parents. We can’t have it together all of the time. We won’t always get it right though try as we may to accomplish otherwise.Perfection just isn’t the case. Sometimes, I let my children down. And most of the time, when I do, I am amazed at the response that I get from them.


My children are so forgiving and so loving. It boggles my mind. I am supposed to be nurturing THEM. I am supposed to be the one teaching THEM a lesson. I am supposed to be the one that is offering them wisdom and confirmation that all is right, even when things go awry. But lately I have been shocked at just how much their hearts are filled with love and compassion. It isn’t that I never thought them capable of being kind and loving, it is simply a matter of how much, time after time, I underestimate all that they are capable of. I just love how much God uses them to warm my heart, to show me the way and how He uses them to allow me to feel accepted and wanted. We speak of the power from the love of a good woman or of a worthy man, but we completely overlook the joys of the love from children. Their love and devotion is pure, no strings attached and no motives involved.

This may not always be the case, after all they are human and they are only children. But as someone who sometimes takes the time to blog about all of the ways that her children occasionally make her crazy, I know that I never want to let those words hang over my children. They are so much more than little balls of energy or little mess-making machines. They are two people who are already so very loving and an enormous blessing to my life and to the lives of others. I pride myself on being a very verbally communicative person. I like hearing ‘I love you’ and I like saying ‘I love you’. And I try to make my feelings as clear as day to my children on a regular basis but I don’t always succeed and those intentions fall short of their mark.


I want to speak good words over my children and remind myself of just how precious they are. They make my life interesting. They make my life colorful – and not just because they sometimes paint themselves or color on my walls. It’s because my life is better with them in it. This is why parenting matters, to all parties involved. There is very little in my life that feels as rewarding as the work that I do at home. I highly recommend it, if you were considering it. I sometimes need to remind myself of this fact. I don’t always feel this way, that is for sure. I am seeing the things that are reaped when you sow meaningfully and carefully. And those fruits are not for me to take credit for, it is the Lord’s favor smiling on me and reminding me that His word and promises do not return to Him unfulfilled. The promise that my children may be olive shoots around the table can be a reality. Such little treasures from heaven, how can they not be good? They are more than good, they are amazing.

I am sure that I will be back, blogging about how crazy these kiddos sometimes make me. In fact, that is most likely a given. But it is my goal to reveal both sides of parenting, the good, the hectic and the wonderful. OK, so maybe that’s three sides. Three is better than two, you know.





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