For The Mom Who Doesn’t Stop

Greatness comes in many forms.

Perhaps I am being bias when I say that from my vantage point in life I would have to say that some of the greatest acts that I have personally seen are from the mother’s around me, from women who never cease  to inspire me. Those women who instill wisdom and encouragement to those around them. Those moms who are in the throes of raising their children right now, living through sleepless nights, school years and Spongebob. Those moms whose own have babies are grown and have moved out, some of which might even have babies of their own, and even still exude a motherly love and protection like no other. Those mom’s who make being a mother an occupation, an exact science and an undeniable skill. Those moms who live and breathe their children, who show devotion like no other and who love with a heart bigger than the ocean.

Moms who sit beside hospital beds diligently, ready and waiting, comforting and soothing, devoted and unwavering. Moms who are awake at all hours of the middle of the night, administering medicine, running tepid baths to quell fevers and rocking babies back to sleep on their chest. Moms who will rise at the same time the next morning, short-changed on sleep, ready to do it all again. Or at least, awake to do it all again, perhaps not exactly ready.

Greatness comes in many forms…

The moms who burn the midnight oil to accomplish a little bit of housework while babies are sleeping upstairs. Moms who don’t get days off when they come down with that sinus bug that has been going around. Moms who still make the breakfasts, lunches and dinners and then return to the sofa and put a pillow on their head trying to nurse a migraine. Moms who balance full-time school with full-time motherhood and yet, still manage to receive A’s on almost every project. Moms who make that little bit of time in the library count before they head back home to their children. Moms who work full-time and still manage to get dinner on the table while finding time to talk about the wonders of Scooby Doo with their children.

Moms who grieve silently over the pangs of life while still balancing daily responsibilities and running their household. Mom’s who don’t let the stress of life creep into how they mother and love their children, even though that effort sometimes seems futile. Moms who carry the weight of it all on their shoulders and despite this pressure manage to get it all done. Moms who accomplish all of the errands, get all of the meals made, scrub the toilets and get the kids to the dentist on time. Moms who sometimes hurt in their heart, but who know that the love of and for their children will wash over them and heal those wounds.

Greatness comes in many forms. 

Moms who capitalize on every opportunity to instruct their children, whether on the wonders of the Earth and heavens, the creatures that roam, fly or swim or the alphabet and colors. Moms who try to cultivate resilient hearts that love and don’t harm, that are gentle and yet strong, hearts that love and serve others. Moms who try to instill a love and honor for a mighty God. Moms who know that their ability to love, to parent, to discipline and to remain steadfast come from a heavenly Father. Moms who heed and embrace their calling, though sometimes this is hard to fully do.

Moms who would do whatever their child needed, no questions asked, even if their child is 27 and needs last-minute babysitting. Moms who watch their children grow up and become policemen, doctors, painters, writers or head off to war, and beam with pride when they speak of all that their child is doing. Moms who encourage their children to follow their heart, who instill pragmatism and common sense into their children and who place value on effort and on the fruits from hard work and tenacity. Moms who lead their children, but know when to gently step aside and allow God to complete His sufficient work. Moms who can lay in bed peacefully at night, knowing that they have done much with the time given to them and with the children blessed to them.

Greatness comes in many forms. I say one of these forms is that of a mother. Mothers who are many things to many people. They may wear many hats, but none as proudly as that of mom.


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