Five Things Friday: Five Reasons I (sometimes) Miss Being A Kid

There have been some germs flying around my house as of late. The kids were sick last week, and I picked up the bug this week. Woot <— sarcasm. My husband has been holding out while…wait…this just in…Rob is sick, too. Dang it. I did the mom/nurse thing last week. I checked temps, I doled out meds, I wiped little noses and consoled the babies who woke up snotty at midnight…and again at 2…and yet again at 5. I saw their little “what the heck is going on?!” faces. At those hours even the most energetic of children want to be asleep. And mine were no exception. They were not happy about being up.

Since I’m battling the germs this week, major props to my children for being great by the way, I have realized the “beauty” of one more part of being a grown up. When you’re finally the grown up and the parent…there is still crap to be done. Crap that will still be there waiting for you after you get well…so that you can get right back to doing it. Being sick stinks on more than just a “not feeling well” level. It’s just one more element to being a responsible, level-headed adult that we should just get over and embrace, right?


5 Reasons I Sometimes Miss Being A Kid.

1.) Days OFF.

Like I already said, even when you are sick there are STILL things to be done. You don’t have a no-strings attached day off to get well. Even weekends don’t quite mean the same thing as they used to once you reach the great wide world of adulthood and parenthood. Especially if you are a parent that also has to work, that extra time out of the office isn’t strictly for relaxation. It’s for going home, tackling chores around the house and spending time with the kids. And all of that doesn’t leave much time for being a couch potato. Don’t even get me started on how kids get three months off during the summer from school. **grumble**

2.) Money

It isn’t like Rob or I were ever rolling in the dough. But before a mortgage, car payments, kids or cell phone bills, he and I actually had a decent bit of extra money to ourselves on payday. There may not have been a TON of surplus but it was enough for the occasional movie or weekly meal out without another thought. Now it takes more monitoring and being conscious  of what we choose to spend our funds on.  One day, there may be more of it (hopefully!) so as to not stress about it so much. Until then, we are good with ramen and Froot Loops and Ledo’s pizza being our occasional treat.

3. Time

It may appear that it is, but having days off and time are NOT the same thing. I’m talking about time to sit in peace. Time to read a book. Time to finish a movie while lazing about on the couch. Simple time. Minutes to waste. Hours to kill. Free time. Do such things even exist? I wouldn’t know.

4. Ignorance

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I’m a big believer in common sense, responsibility and knowledge. But in hindsight, I can appreciate those days where I didn’t have to worry about paying bills…because I didn’t really know what they were. The mechanics of what it took to run a home ran quietly in the background of my life and it was up to my parents to do the worrying, not me. The problems of the world? What? I didn’t watch the news. And even better? No one expects pre-teens to watch the news. Sometimes, I’d take naivety over information overload and all of the things that I have to worry about.

5. Being coddled

Just one day, when my kids are climbing up the walls, and dinner on the stove is burning and I realize that I haven’t even had lunch, I would like someone would show up and tell me that I look sleepy and need a little nappy-nap. I’d like someone to coddle me incessantly when I’m sick. If I hurt myself or something makes me mad, I want someone to swoop in and take over. Someone whose only goal is to make me feel better. I’m lucky and my life has a lot of love in it. But…being babied? That sounds kind of nice on occasion. And I can only convince Rob to go and make me a glass of Juicey-Juice so many times before he is going to catch on to what I’m doing.


I am not hating on adolescents.I was young once myself and I remember those carefree days. I remember just how good I had it. And, as I tell many of them every chance that I get, they should go after every opportunity, soak up and enjoy every (minor) irresponsible choice and enjoy wasting time, but in a fashion so as to truly not waste their time. In those years, it is so precious and, unfortunately, so fleeting. I have my ten-year high school reunion this summer. Trust me, it is fleeting. Soak it up and reach for the stars, or something like that. Be awesome.

I told my friend, who was gracious enough to bring me soup yesterday, that I was working on a post about this topic and he gave me the perfect quote to use. And like I already told him I would, I’m stealing it now,

“You know that you have reached adulthood when if you fall asleep on the sofa, you wake up…and you’re still there in the morning.” – Chris

It was so accurate and it kind of made me sad a little bit. Because it’s true.

Happy Friday, everyone!!


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