Step Away From The Blog…

Every so often, I get the urge to post something akin to a maintenance post. And by “every so often” I mean that I’ve done this twice. Including this post. I am feeling inclined to do this because I’ve added (woot) new readers to my blog and I’m just stinking excited about it. Welcome to anyone who is new. Glad that you found me.

I wanted to point out that I have started a new Facebook community page for my blog. You can click “like” to receive updates from me on Facebook if you have your own account. You can refer to the sidebar to do this. Support my page! I’d really appreciate it.

Secondly…I’d love to start hearing from you guys. SO, instead of using a carrot under a box propped up with a stick attached to a string in an attempt to lure some of you out of the shadows, I figured I would give this a try. I want to hear more from you guys and get to know you, so…if you are so inclined….

Comment and tell me your name answer these questions if you don’t mind…

1.) where are you from?
2.) your occupation
3.) The Beatles or The Rolling Stones
4.) cats or dogs
5.) chocolate or coffee?**

Or tell me whatever you want to about yourself.

Have a great Wednesday!!

**just kidding, this one is a trick question. Obviously, BOTH


3 thoughts on “Step Away From The Blog…

  1. ashleylecompte says:

    Ill start…

    My name is Ashley. I’m twenty- none of your business. I live in Maryland and work as a stay at home mother. Beatles > Rolling Stones. I’m more of a cat person. And obviously BOTH.

    Come out and play, everyone!


  2. lovelifewithkids says:

    Hi! I’m Treena… I’m the same age as you.. haha! Currently in the warmest place in Canada at the moment… Southern Alberta (it’s 10 degrees Celsius in February… feels an awful lot like spring!)… I’m a stay-at-home wife and mom of 2 littles… Neither the Beatles or the Rolling Stones (not my style!)… Love dogs… Yup, both chocolate AND coffee for me too please!


    • ashleylecompte says:

      Thanks for your response!! 🙂 So nice to meet you Treena. Your weather sounds like our’s, at least at the moment. Though I’m sure that it gets colder where you are and you probably have way more snow.

      Thanks again for writing!


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