I Won’t Complain

I won’t complain. BUT…I will tell you what is going on in this household in an objective fashion. I’m sick. I can’t quite decide if this is simply a run of the mill cold or if it has potentially turned into something worse. I just know that today by mid afternoon, I wasn’t feeling it. The “it” being well. I felt terrible. I believe in mommy-mojo. Mom’s are usually the last ones standing. The last one’s to hold the line and to keep the peace. Mom’s see quite a bit of sickness pass through our house this time of year. We wipe little noses a lot, check temperatures and spend more than our fair share waking up in the middle of the night to calm little people who don’t feel good. There have been some germs flying around our house the past week or so and I was hoping that this time my lucky streak would continue. I guess not.

Like I said, I can’t complain, or at least I won’t complain. I don’t feel good. But here is what was so awesome about today. My children, who have both been sick lately and who were up late last night due to a sugar induced high from daddy’s birthday cake, both woke up in great moods. Granted, Jerry was up an hour earlier than usual which wasn’t exactly awesome considering that  he didn’t go to bed until late. But both of my kids remained chipper all day. They had wonderful attitudes, they entertained themselves and played nicely together, and were both very patient with mommy who was slow and not exactly useful for anything save for making breakfast and lunch and fetching juice. The kids were great. And somehow, despite my mood and energy declining by mid afternoon, homegirl mopped the kitchen floor and scrubbed her bathroom. All that I want sometimes is to sit down and relax, but on the days that I should I can’t. I wanted to see things get done, I didn’t want to be behind on anything any more than I had to be.

Even better than chipper children: chipper kiddos who also both took nice and long naps today. The kitchen floor was mopped, the bathroom scrubbed down and even a load of laundry was put away. I mean, wow. I can’t say that such magical things happen on NORMAL days. I am constantly reminded that I, or at least my mood, shouldn’t be deciding how things go. I am constantly reminded that most days that I easily assume will turn out to be utter rubbish in fact turn out to be great…if I let them. The days that I mope because I’m tired, because I have a lot to do, because I have an 18 month old playing in the dog water dish…those days that I give up without even letting there be a chance for joy or fun? Well, that is exactly what they turn into, crappy and unsatisfying days. They turn into a miserable self-fulfilling prophecy. I know that we don’t have control over everything and that on some days, no matter how many good thoughts we think and prayers we send up that things are going to be chaotic. It just is what it is.

But at least we can try, right?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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