Favorite Things — Saturday Edition

This has been one weird week. I’m starting to be ok with that and accept it for what it was. Throughout the days where my mood has been off, where thins haven’t clicked together seamlessly, where things haven’t run as smoothly as I (or others) had planned or where the days have felt like they were dragging on without progress, progress towards what exactly, I’m now sure, I can say that I have felt God move. Things have ever so slightly shifted. I don’t know where this leaves me, I don’t know what this will translate into over time. I know I’m not that only one who has had a slightly tumultuous or all out strange past few weeks. It seems to be that everyone I know lately is tired and waiting for the upswing, myself included.

But like those days preceding the thaw out from winter where the weather weather begins to turn, the early morning hours where the sun begins to color the sky pink and orange, I can see “it.” I see something on the other side. The fruition of the Lord’s plans, the momentum about to shift forward, towards very, very good things. For many people.

This leave me encouraged and hopeful. Hopefully, it will do the same for you as well. And let us use this time to prepare ourselves to welcome it with arms and hearts open.

My favorite things from this week:


A fridge that has a working light….


Toddler bed-head…


A great escape outdoors…


A little boy, who does awesome for his first dentist visit….




Babies who brave the snow!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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